IKEA Announce the Australian Release Date for their LEGO Collaboration: Bygglek

Several months offer the launch in the USA and Europe, IKEA Australia have now announced that the Bygglek collaboration with the LEGO group will be available for purchase, in store and online, from February 17th 2021.

We first heard about the proposed collaboration in 2018, and the product was launched last August. I posted an interview with the designers last year

Since then, we have been waiting for the official word on its release throughout the rest of the world.

1. BYGGLEK 201-piece LEGO® brick set, mixed colours, $35

2. BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid 35x26x12 cm, $22

3. BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid, white 26x18x12 cm, $20

4. BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid, set of 3, white, $20

I’m looking forward to having a play with the system- I can see some advantages in using one oft generated boxes as a way to store parts for projects in progress (I tend to be a ‘grab parts and build’ type of builder) and using the smaller ones for minifigures, waiting for a day out with the camera.

While this might be old had for our friends in Europe and the USA, I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t just a little bit excited by this news.

Are you looking forward to theatrical of Bygglek in your country soon? Why don’t you leave a comment below, and until next time,

Play Well.

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  1. Good luck! I have found in the US that release and availability are two very different things. I still have yet to see the boxes available for sale at my local Ikea. I even signed up for in-stock notifications and have yet to hear a thing.

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