LEGO® x LEVI’S: Quality Never Goes Out Of Style.

And the collaborations keep on coming: What a year it has been for LEGO® – every wants to come and play with them: Nintendo, IKEA, Adidas
(I blinked and missed that announcement) and now LEVI’S – yes the long lived manufacturers of the classic 501 denim jeans have joined with LEGO to produce a range of clothing which you can customise to suit your self.

The Key is a flexible 6×6 plate, which is ideal for attaching small tiles – such as the LEGO DOTs – to. This will give you the opportunity too express your self with LEGO – not quite wearing your heart on your sleeve, but if you are passionate about LEGO products, you can wear your heart on your … jeans, denim jacket, head and windcheater. In fact, there is aspecial packet of LEGO x LEVI’S DOTS supplied with each garment that comes with the flexible patch. While the patch is flexible, it is probably not entirely appropriate to rely on larger elements staying in place, but using the DOTs will probably prove to be reasonably resilient…unless you put them through the wash.

The range will go on sale in Australia on October 1st, and be available from LEVI’s Stores, and Glue stores in Australia; Levi’s stores, and LOADED stores in New Zealand..

Here is a quick run down on the range:

501 ’93 Straight. Studs on top. AUD199.95/NZD219

The classic cut of Jeans – with 2 of the 6×6 pliable LEGO elements stiched onto the right thigh, you can customise the pattern on the patches with any design you wish. The jeans come with a special LEGOxLEVIs DOTS pack, but there is no reason to restrict your self to only those elements, as a way to express yourself.

Relaxed Fit Tee LEGO Brick -Yellow or Black AUD59.95/NZD69.90

The Tee shirt is a pretty casual affair, with LEVI’s printed on the side of two 2×2 bricks on a plate.

Vintage Fit Trucker AFOL AUD199.95/NZD219.90

Like the jeans, the classic vintage fit denim jacket has two of the new plate, as well as buttons highlighting the Classic LEGO Colours. there is also a red, 4×6 patch at the back, in place of the normal tag. This look like it could be perfect for somone to create and wear their own brick badge.

LEGO Relaxed Crew Brick Built AUD129.95/NZD149.90

LEGO Relaxed Crew Lego Red AUD129.95/NZD149.90

LEGO Relaxed Hoodie Brick Built /Black AUD149.95/NZD169.9

LEGO Standard Sling AUD59.95/69.90

The Standard sling ‘bum bag’ has those highlights in classic LEGO Colours: red, blue, yellow and green.

LEGO Mini X Body AUD49.95/NZD59.90

The Cross body bag has similar highlights.

One thing I don’t seem to have a name or price for is this…

LEGO Flat Brim AUD39.95/NZD49.90

Its a cap. I love the red trim

LEGO Beanie AUD39.95/NZD49.90

Yes, you can make the top of your head bright yellow: just like a normal minifigure. The green strip provides a nice accent, and the pliable element makes for a great place to decorate your beanie.

Here is the press release:

Who doesn’t love LEGO® bricks? And who doesn’t have a fond LEGO memory from their childhood (or even adulthood)?  Whether you build from instructions, or dream up something from your imagination, LEGO building is the ultimate platform for creative experimentation and development.

And of course, no one loves creativity and playfulness—as well as infinite customizability—more than Levi’s®. Which is exactly why the two iconic brands have teamed up for a special Levi’s® and LEGO Group collection. 

“This is such a fun collaboration celebrating self-expression, creativity and nostalgia,” says Karyn Hillman, Chief Product Officer for Levi Strauss & Co. “It’s Levi’s® and the LEGO Group coming together to co-create something really special and new, but undeniably familiar. With the customizable baseplates, Levi’s® is now literally a new blank canvas for LEGO play.”

Exclusive to the collection, the collaboration features the first-ever flexible LEGO baseplate. It’s a pliable LEGO silicone panel onto which fans can create their own customized designs using LEGO DOTS, a new concept that was introduced by the LEGO Group earlier this year. Sewn directly on the garment, anyone can create their own design using the mosaic-like tiles that “snap” onto the baseplates.  The baseplate will be available as a customizable patch on a vintage stonewash Levi’s® Trucker Jacket, a Dad Crop Trucker Jacket, 501® ’93 Straight Jeans, and a lineup of hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, and accessories. Customization pieces from the collection will come with a Levi’s® and LEGO Group branded bag of 110 LEGO® DOTS, so that fans have a playful canvas for self-expression with endless options. Graphic tees are also included in the collection and while they won’t carry the customizable baseplates, they feature unique co-branded graphics that will excite fans of both brands.

LEGO elements also appear in product details across the collection including primary colored shank buttons in yellow, red, green, blue, white and black. The Levi’s® standard leather patch has also been converted to a flexible red LEGO patch.

“There’s so much passion and energy in this partnership, working with the creative and iconic Levi’s® brand is inspiring, and is pushing the way we innovate the LEGO brand experience,” says Lena Dixen, Senior Vice President and Head of Product and Marketing Development at LEGO Group. 

It’s the deep emotional connection you have to your favorite pair of Levi’s® jeans, combined with the love and fondness you have for LEGO play, offering one mind-blowing collection of nostalgia, playfulness and creativity. 

Over all, I love the look of the line, but I am not yet decided as to what might work for me….I’ll have a closer look when they are available. The look comes at a premium, however: the LEGO x LEVI’S collaboration add $AUD50 to the purchase price of a standard pair of 501 ’93 Straight Jeans.

What do you think of the results of the LEVIS collaboration? A great look? Is it for you? Why not leave your comments below, and until next time:

Play Well!

Special thanks to Jay at for the heads up re: the pricing and availability information

2 thoughts on “LEGO® x LEVI’S: Quality Never Goes Out Of Style.

  1. Hmm, i don’t get it. I mean, if i want a t-shirt with an image of a LEGO brick on it, i’d want it to say ‘LEGO’, and not Levi’s…

    It’s like those cheap knock-off brands of clothing that have (sometimes) amusing mash-ups of brands/logos/slogans. Like a Ronald McDonald character saying, ‘Just Do It’ underneath, or a Pokemon backpack using The Hulk font and colours. :/ People might laugh because it’s dumb, but they instantly know it’s sweatshop-produced, clone-brand clothing.

    In this instance though, we’re supposed to pay top dollar for TWO licencing fees now?

    Not that i’d wear these clothes anyway, but being a larger framed guy, i doubt i’d fit into anything besides the beanie. 😀

  2. Fabulous collection for all Lego fans just like me 😋. Whether it is clothing, bags, or games, I can’t wait for more to grab these exciting Lego products collabs with Levi’s brand.

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