LEGO® x LEVI’S: Quality Never Goes Out Of Style.

And the collaborations keep on coming: What a year it has been for LEGO® – every wants to come and play with them: Nintendo, IKEA, Adidas
(I blinked and missed that announcement) and now LEVI’S – yes the long lived manufacturers of the classic 501 denim jeans have joined with LEGO to produce a range of clothing which you can customise to suit your self.

The Key is a flexible 6×6 plate, which is ideal for attaching small tiles – such as the LEGO DOTs – to. This will give you the opportunity too express your self with LEGO – not quite wearing your heart on your sleeve, but if you are passionate about LEGO products, you can wear your heart on your … jeans, denim jacket, head and windcheater. In fact, there is aspecial packet of LEGO x LEVI’S DOTS supplied with each garment that comes with the flexible patch. While the patch is flexible, it is probably not entirely appropriate to rely on larger elements staying in place, but using the DOTs will probably prove to be reasonably resilient…unless you put them through the wash.

The range will go on sale in Australia on October 1st, and be available from LEVI’s Stores, and Glue stores in Australia; Levi’s stores, and LOADED stores in New Zealand..

Here is a quick run down on the range:

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