Would you be Interested in a Fan Event Dedicated to LEGO History? Fill In Our ‘Expressions of Interest’ Questionnaire.

Recently, the LEGO House ran a series of presentations, touring the history collection, as live streams. Guided by one of the Corporate Historians, these streams were attended by thousands. This has left myself, and a couple of colleagues on the LEGO Ambassadors Network wondering: Would a Fan Event dedicated to LEGO History appeal to people? And if so, how should we make it work?

In conjunction with OldBricks.it, we are putting out a pilot survey, to see what people would want in such an event. If you wish, we will put you on the mailing list for further information, so that you will be kept up to date with our progress. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. You can find the form here.

We already have a few ideas.

At present, I imagine we would have three types of presentation:

  • Speakers: experts in their fields who can deliver an engaging presentation/lecture over 30-45 minutes, and be happy to answer questions afterwards. If the event is to be held online, we will investigate the option of recording presentations before hand, to ensure they run to time, while the presenter is available to answer questions afterwards.
  • Posters: At meetings I attend, these are often short investigations/ research literally published on a poster with illustrations and graphs. The author has the opportunity to answer questions during a dedicated session (often a break in the lecture program).
  • Show and Tell: Do you have LEGO Artefacts, old toys, a vertical collection (such as changes in LEGO Policemen over the years)? It might be possible to display these, and show them to attendees, answering questions.

Are you interested in presenting in any of these ways, on a topic relevant to the history of the LEGO company, toys, bricks, minifigures, themes, or associated media? Is there someone you would like to see give a presentation?

The event will take a while to organise: While we have interest, expertise and contacts, we want to do it well. And we are looking at doing it in the post-COVID world. As such, we are not looking at running it until some time in 2022.

We want to make it a proper Fan Event, even though the subject matter will be focussed. We want to have Great Speakers, Great Presentations, Historical Displays. It might be possible to get a convention set, as well as a brick badge, put together. Regardless of whether it runs online or in the real-world.

It might be extemely nerdy.

As such, we would love to get an idea as to what people might expect from such an event: Would you travel across the country, or around the world for it? Would you prefer it to be run online? Do you have something you would like to present?

Do you want to help us to start to craft the World’s First Symposium of LEGO®History (this name is a work in progress)? Fill in the form at the link here. Feel free to share it with your friends and communities.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below, and until next time,

Play Well!

3 thoughts on “Would you be Interested in a Fan Event Dedicated to LEGO History? Fill In Our ‘Expressions of Interest’ Questionnaire.

  1. A virtual setup for this sort of thing sounds fantastic. I have health issues and getting out the house is hard enough, getting to go to something like this in person even if it was close is beyond me both physically and mentally. This is something anyone could participate in or watch when they are up for it after the event. Thank-you for even looking into something like this. I’m always interested in watching things that come out on youtube after fan media events and the like that channels like BBT put up and would love to see more, especially tailored to online watching. Thanks again, love the idea!

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