Expanding LEGO Super Mario: 71368 Toad’s Treasure Hunt

Today, I want to take a look at one of my favourite Expansion packs. With 464 elements, this set has a number of elements that makes this a great set to display ( at least, as far as LEGO Super Mario is concerned), has a number of great play features, a range of enemies, and even some friends for Mario to engage with.

Compared with the other expansions we have looked at so far, this one is a relatively large box. I’ll follow the same general format for this expansion as I have for the others I have looked at: The elements, and Build, the features of the landscape, Power up/scoring opportunities, Other Characters and action bricks.

Like the other expansion pack boxes, the box demonstrates the contents on their own on the inside, and on the back include elements from the 71360 Starter set. The back of the box also demonstrates the scannable characters and power ups included in this set: We see Toad, Toadette, a Goomba and Cheep Cheep – the flying fish. There is also a swinging platform. the list of scannable elements does omit the sliding platform included, but I do not think that is too important – it is a variation of the swing challenge.

The Elements

Our first bag features our favourite mushroom folks, Toad and Toadette. They both feature the distinctive mushroom cap, which we have previously seen with the Super Mushroom in 71366 Boomer Bill Barrage. The heads of these characters are include a printed 2×2 brick for toad or 1×1 for Toadette, along with a 1×2 brick with studs on the side – all in light nougat/flesh. Both characters have a scannable brick, which is attached to their associated landscape. We also have the elements for a swing platform, as well as a printed 2×3 tile with an arrow. The set features multiple ‘landscape nodes’ in bright green: 4×4 and 6×6/

Our second bag brings us the elements for the first of the Toadstool Village: there is a printed 2×2 brick, with the number 1 on it, and also the makings of a sliding platform. we have some large curved elements in yellow.

Next we have the makings of a large toadstool home: We have a variety of curved, sloped elements in red: The large, 10×10 curves have not been seen in this colour for a couple of years, and only in 3 sets since 2008. The smaller curve has made a similar number of appearances, but was used in this year’s Destiny’s Bounty, over in Ninjago. We also have an 8×8 bright green plate with curved corners.

With out next bag, we build another small house, this time with medium lavender curved elements. We also have the makings of a stone bridge, as well as 2 Cheep-cheeps. I love their printed tiles for eyes. The wings used here are a new mould, introduced in the LEGO Super Mario theme.

The final large bag includes the makings of a Goomba, some bright green and reddish brown landscape plates, well as some reddish brown arches and slopes. We

The Landscape

This set makes up significant part of any level, joined together with grass and water. There are several aspects to this expansion: the Toadstool village: with Toad and Toadette’s homes to visit, as well as one hiding the first of 3 treasure boxes.

The second treasure box is hidden, in a treasure chest, and revealed by Mario jumping on a hidden lever.

There is a bridge, going over water, with Cheep-Cheep the flying fish flying over the top. there are two fish, mounted on a spinner.

Finally, we have a tree, featuring some ingenious use of newly recolored green clouds as foliage. Tucked away in the tree is the 3rd treasure box, uncovered when Mario jumps on the secret lever.


There are no ‘power ups’ included in this set, as such, but there are three treasure boxes to find. Each will give you three coins, and a happy little tune. If you visit them in order, you will receive a triumphant fanfare as well as a total of 15 coins. Then you can repeat the process (should you wish)

Other Characters

We have two friends in this pack: Toad, and Toadette. Both are fun little builds, but subtly different from each other. They each have their own home. Action bricks for the friends are on the ground next to them. Mario does not have to try and defeat them. He offers them both a greeting, and receives a coin bonus with each friend he visits. There are several different greetings available.

As I previously mentioned, there are three other characters: enemies to scan – each worth one coin (and only taking one ‘hit’ to defeat): One Goomba, essentially the same as the Goombas we have seen in the starter set; and two Cheep-Cheeps – there are flying fish. The wing element is a new mould, and the eyes are a new print on a 1×2 tile.

The Cheep Cheep’s can be found near the bridge… jumping over and under it.

Action Bricks

As well as all of these buildings to visit, we also have some challenges: a swinging platform, and a sliding platform: as with other swings and sliders, you can ride on them for a while, and score bonus points when you change direction. On the swing platform, you can keep rotating to increase your coin count, or go back and forth. After a few repeats, you can start to earn coin multipliers. If Mario falls off, however, he will be stunned – unable to earn any coins for a few seconds. If he has accessed a super mushroom(seen in other sets) before hand, he resists being stunned when he falls.

Overall, I really enjoy this expansion set: we have some enemies, some friends, a coin challenge, as well as a slider and swing platforms for Mario to ride on. While it does not come with any specific powerup bricks, the ability to score bonus coins by jumping on the boxes in order is great. you can even repeat it several times in the time limit if you wish to try to max out your score count. I think it might be more fun to have a friend or family member hide them in a different order around the layout before you play, however.

You can never have too many Goombas, and so another was welcome. The flying fish are pretty cute. It is difficult, however, to just jump on the back of one to make the fish spin, and then defeat another.

Here is a play through of the level: in the absence of a time bonus, you run pretty close to the wire, if you are going to visit everything in this level while playing the game.

Overall, I really like this set. I see it appealing to people who love Toad and Toadette (our family favorites when playing Mario Kart). Besides the 71360 starter set, there are several tiers of expansion sets: the smaller and intermediate ones – similar to those we have already looked out – Piranha plant power slide and Boomer Bill Barrage, as well as several of the others. Then there is this upper tier: sets around 400 elements – similar in size to this, such as the Guarded fortress and Haunted House. Then there is the big one: the Final boss fight. This set contains

If you are looking to minimise your expenditure on expansion sets, this might be a good one to go fore: it features several challenges – 2 platforms as well as the treasure hunt. The tree is a very imaginative use of the elements involved, as well. there is a lot to accomplish in the available game time. If you are not a completionist, I would probably look at this, the Haunted Yard or the Guarded Fortress as a larger expansion, perhaps in conjunction with one or two of the smaller expansion sets.

Expansion Pack 73168 Toad’s Treasure Hunt Will be released on August 1st 2020. It has 464 parts and costs 69,99 USD/EUR $AU99.99/$NZ119.99. What do you think of this larger expansion set? Is it appealing, with enough to offer? Or it it too friendly, without enough peril? Leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well!

This set was provided by the LEGO group for Review Purposes. All opinions are my own

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  1. […] the second bag contains the elements for the slider bridge: including a 4×4 rounded corner tile in medium nougat as well as 4×4 plates in medium stone grey, as well as red. there is also a 6×6 red plates, and many dark stone grey plates, slopes, as well as a couple of brackets. There is a delightful yellow tile with 2 eyes printed on it, as well. We have a shell element, previously seen with Koopa in the Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set. […]

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