LEGO Starts Rolling Out Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. As an anaesthesiologist/anaesthetist (depending on where in the world you are), I have been spending time, along with my colleagues, preparing our hospitals and ourselves for a threatened surge in COVID 19 patients.

We are fortunate at this stage, to have not had the same devastating number of cases that has been seen in Europe, UK, China or the USA, although I would be naive to believe that we have avoided any significant problem at this time.

There is no doubt that we are anxious about it here, and we have all heard stories from around the world with regard to the importance of Personal Protective Equipment in minimising the impact the disease has on healthcare workers. We have also heard about industry stepping up to the plate around the world, repurposing tools and machinery towards both PPE and Ventilator production.

Therefore, I was excited to see that The LEGO Group have started to roll out face visors, important to as a part of precautions to protect the faces of Healthcare workers, on six of their holding machines in Billund. This was seen in a video to their social media channels.

We see transparent shields moulded, and packed into boxes.

Pictures: the LEGO Group/Facebook Video

The plastic visors clip onto molded arms, which we also see ejected from the injection holding machine. This general design of mask is in relatively common use around the world, and the LEGO Version appears to provide good face coverage.

Over 100 employees have been involved in the project. Currently production is at 13500 visors/day, and if the demand exists, it can be ramped up to 58000 daily, within 2 weeks. Further production is likely to start in Hungary, before being rolled out to other factories around the world.

I am glad to see the LEGO Group joining the fight against COVID 19. I appreciate this is an anxious time for many of us. Are you a healthcare worker? Why not comment below, or drop me a line, and until next time:

Keep your Distance, Stay Home, Wash your hands and until next time…

Play Well!

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