Build a Minifigure Habitat for a HERO, and win LEGO® Prizes. #ramblingherohabitats

The last week has seen the COVID-19 pandemic declared. Public events around the world have been cancelled, including many LEGO® Fan shows. Even the LEGO House has shut its doors for the time being. Europe has just declared the new epicentre of the pandemic, with borders closing, and quarantine being enforced in many countries. The USA has been declared to be in the grip of a national emergency, and the Australian Grand Prix has been cancelled. Our hearts go out to families around the world that have been affected by COVID-19 – those affected directly the illness, and those whose livelihoods are affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic.

In these troubled, uncertain times, we need someone to turn to. We need a symbol of hope, and reassurance that that although we have a struggle ahead of us, we will get through as best we can as a society.

We Need A HERO!

And so I thought I would take this as a prompt for my next Rambling Brick Habitat Competition.

Build A Minifigure Habitat For A Hero.

While this competition might have been inspired by the DC Superheroes Minifigures, your hero does not need to be one of these. They could be from the other LEGO Superhero franchise, or one of those everyday heroes without a cape or fancy costume to hide their identity: They may be working in emergency services. They might teach your children. They might help you across the road. They might fix your internet connection. Bring your hero to life, doing whatever they do.

Heroes should be to be limited to LEGO DC or Marvel superheroes, or LEGO CITY type characters. [edit, 28/3 let’s open the range up a bit. Any LEGO hero that lives in a contemporary setting], except If you do not have the Minifigure you would like to have in the scene, you may insert a place holder figure. Both actual builds, and digital entries will be accepted.

The Specification.

Here is the general structure of the minifigure habitat: on an 8×8 base, the modules are designed to stack, interlocking at the overhang.

The subject should include a hero going about their business. There are restrictions pertaining to the actual subject matter: – refer to the fine print here.

Here’s are some entries from the CMF Series 19 Contest for inspiration:

The Prize Pool:

While the idea of a Hero Habitat was inspired by the recent DC Superhero Minifigures, I have not been able to secure a complete series for the prize pool. Instead I will offer the top 3 entries each choice of a City/ Creator pack, a DC Superhero Pack, and an Marvel Avengers Pack, thanks to the LEGO Group’s AFOL Engagement Team:

The City/Creator Pack: contains The Creator 3in1 Townhouse Toystore 31105; Fire Chief Response 60231 and Police Highway Arrest 60242.

The DC Hero pack includes The Batwing and The Riddler Heist (76142) and Mr Freeze BatCycle Battle 76118

The Marvel Hero Pack includes Speeder Bike Attack 76142 Avengers Truck takedown 76143 and 76140 Iron Man Mech.

To Enter

Build your habitat, either physically or digitally. Take a phot/render an image and send it through to, OR post it on Instagram or Twitter, using the #ramblingherohabitat. Be sure to read the Fine Print!

You may build as many habitats as you wish. However, you may only enter 3 in the contest. If you find you have entered more than 3, let rambling brick know which 3 you would like considered for judging. You may include up to two 4 photographs with your entry. You may use habitats that are connected together (to a maximum of 3 habitats)

Entries will be judged by a panel including winners from previous Rambling Brick competitions, according to overall design, parts usage and ‘heroism’ depicted in the habitat.

Entries close Midnight, Monday 13th April Australian Eastern Daylight time. (yes, that’s Easter Monday)

Plans for this competition have been underway for several weeks, before the COVID19 emergency had emerged, while confirming the availability of prizes. Aspects of daily life have changed dramatically for many, and the global situation is changing daily.

Many LEGO User Groups around the world have cancelled their regular meetings as well as major events. It saddens me that these measures are needed, but there is no doubt that social distancing is probably one out our most powerful tools in mitigating the impact of this new disease.

I hope that we are all able to maintain good health, and support our friends where practicable.

Feel free to share news of this competition with your friends and communities: entries are open world wide, with a few exceptions (see the fine print for details). I look forward to receiving your entries.

Until next time, Play well!

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