The ISD Devastator Approaches [Announcement 75252 UCS Star Destroyer]

IDS Devastator, in pursuit of the Tantive IV above Tatooine.

March, 1978. The Belgrave Cameo cinema. I was attending a matinee screening of Star Wars (in those days, there was only one) with friends for my birthday. The film had been out for 5 months. I’d read every book and magazine article I could. I’d read the comics adaptation. And now I was seeing it for the first time. I knew what was going to happen, on an intellectual level. A battle. A ship, that looks bigger and more detailed than anything I had seen before. But this was followed by another: bigger, more greebling than we had everseen before, and associated with a low, sub woofer grumble (although, technically, subwoofers weren’t much of a thing in the cinemas in 1978). It was shooting to disable the first ship – later identified as the Tantive IV (I first heard this name in 1980, on the NPR radio play). Successful in its mission, it hovered over the Tantive, and took it into its hold. Revealling the absolutely massive scale that we were dealing with here. This was a massive vehicle – starting off a massive story, that still continues, over 40 years later.

If only we appreciated that total scale of the story to follow at that time as we do now. The Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator was under the command of Darth Vader, and (as has now been revealed) had pursued the Tantive IV from the Battle of Scarif. It was here that spies for the Rebellion had stolen the plans for the Death Star. and now, it can be yours!

75252 Imperial Star Destroyer™

Ages 16+. 4784pieces. US $699.99 –CA $849.99 –DE €699.99 –UK £649.99 – FR €699.99– DK 5299DKK–$1099.99 AUD  *Euro pricing varies by country.  Please visit for regional pricing.

The ship features the plaque, giving details of the ship, as well as a scale model of the Tantive IV (released as a playset style model in May this year). We also get two Minifigures: an Imperial Officer and Imperial Crew Member. they are both exclusive to this set.

Here’s the designer video:

LEGO Group announces a new stunning LEGO Star Wars set – the Ultimate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer measuring 110cm in length

[September 5, 2019] One of the most feared ships in the Star Wars™ galaxy is flying into LEGO Stores on September 18 as the LEGO Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™ set arrives from the galaxy far, far away to provide an all-new build experience for LEGO brick and Star Wars™ fans alike.

The Imperial Star Destroyer set measures 110cm long and is comprised of 4,784 bricks. The new addition to the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) brings to life the fan favourite vessel of the Galactic Empire in LEGO brick form like never before.

The new UCS Imperial Star Destroyer™ construction set is complete with a buildable Tantive IV ship, allowing fans to recreate the iconic opening scene from Star Wars: A New Hope in their own home.

The UCS Imperial Star Destroyer™ – nicknamed the Devastator – includes swivelling guns, a tilting radar dish, huge engine exhausts and intricate surface detailing along its 110cm-long surface.

This galactic civil war UCS set also includes a display stand with informational fact plaque and two brand new unique LEGO minifigures with blasters – the Imperial Officer and Imperial Crew Member minfigures – making it the perfect LEGO Star Wars collectible for discerning fans.

When paired with its display stand, the model measures over 17” (44cm) high, 43” (110cm) long and 26” (66cm) wide, and over 14” (37cm) high without stand.

The 75252 LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer is available directly from LEGO stores and from September 18, 2019 for LEGO VIP members, and October 1 for all other builders

This is a big ship. And as such, it demands a big set. and with almost 5000 pieces, it is truly huge! Over a meter long, it is not quite as long as the Super Star Destroyer 10221 released in 2011, although it has over 1000 more elements. Compared with the 70030 UCS Star Destroyer from 2002, it is about 5 inches longer, and has approximately 1700 more elements.

What do you think? One for the collection, that will look perfect next to your UCS Millennium Falcon? Or a hard pass? Leave your comments below and follow the Rambling Brick for more news, opinion and occasional journey into nostalgia… And until Next time,

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