The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #22

We have a few days to go, and a couple of themes to look over as we approach the end of our Advent-ure. Regular readers might recall that this is the 20th anniversary of the first LEGO Advent Calendar, and we have been surveying Christmas holiday themes and set from across the years.

We have seen a number of different brick built Santas over the last couple of weeks and today I would like to look at a subject that has been across many licences and themes in 2018: Brickheadz. This year we have seen a Brickheadz double pack featuring Mr. and Mrs. Claus – 40274 A hot seller, it has been difficult to track down, frequently being out of stock at the LEGO online store.

With designs based in part on the minifigures reviewed earlier in the month, Santa has his obligatory curved hat and present sack, while Mrs Claus brings a tray of baked good to the party!

I have seen this set ‘ in the wild’ at a friends’s house, taking pride of place, and I have to agree that I think this is a lovely representation of the couple.

With only two days left in our advent Calendar, I wonder which other themes I shall explore as we wind up this little advent-ure. Why not leave a comment to let me know where you might like to go next. In the meantime…

What are are our friends getting up to?

Today, we see a door marked with a bauble as well as gear wheels. We have seen mini builds associated with our friends on several occasions so far…Andrea (2nd); Emma (7th), Stephanie (12th) and Mia (17th). the gear wheels have been associated with the art work of one remaining friend for the year – the one who underwent one of the most dramatic physical changes in the the 2018 Reboot – Olivia. Lets see what the parts pack reveals today…

Our mixture of medium Azur and, magenta, white and pale yellow certain call on the Olivia’s colour palette. There are some purple modified plates , just for good measure as well.

As we put out build together, we see a microscope take form, with the objective lenses focussing on a Purple Heart. I’m not sure that we should read too much into this, so I shan’t, beyond wondering if Olivia has been examining the lore that binds our friends together? I quite like this build: not at all related to Christmas, but certainly relates to Olivia’s character. Only two more mini builds… I wonder what we we see over the next two days.

Until then, Play Well!

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