The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #20

Today we continue out journey through Christmas Holiday seasonal sets with a quick look the 40223 Snowglobe. Released in 2016 as a gift with purchase in 2016, it has 215 parts, and comes with a Santa minifigure. Santa stands on a brick built plinth, along with a Christmas tree, sealed in with white round tiles, which fail to suspend themselves magically in the air, as shown in the box art…

I especially appreciate the fact that the snow globe can be stored in the box in between Christmases, in case you wish to keep it built, and not sacrifice for parts – it is a great set for dark red masonry bricks, amongst other things. There is even a secret drawer which opens.

The minifigure comes with a different face to the one previously seen in Santas revealed to date. His printed face comes with white bushy eyebrows, as well as white moustache and goatee. Here he is along with the LEGO Store exclusive (left) and Santa’s Workshop (right) versions. He appears to me to be the most serious of our Santa’s!

It’s must be about time to put the snowglobe on display again, now that I’ve taken it out of the box!

What do you think of the Snowglobe? Did it prompt you to make an order from back in 2016, or did you go in to your local store, and receive it as an unexpected surprise? Why not let us know below

Catching up with our Friends

As we open up today’s window, we find a lighter, and yet more subdued palette than previous days: white foliage, trans light blue and a dash of azure.

Do you want to build a snow flake? It’s easy if you try. The colour palette certainly conveys the icy feel. It can be easily hung in the tree if you wish. I quite like this addition. Even though it feels seasonally incongruous!

Come back tomorrow, as we continue our advent-ure. I wonder where it will take us? Until then…

Play Well!

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