The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #9

We continue looking at LEGO sub-themes and sets released over the years, celebrating the holiday season, as part of recognising that this year is the twentieth year since the release of the first LEGO Advent Calendar. Before unveiling today’s Friends Advent Calendar minibuild, I would like to look at the Belville Advent Calendar 7600, from 2007.

In world before the introduction of LEGO Friends, but after Scala, Belville was a theme directed primarily at girls.  With larger figures, and brighter colours than the majority of regular system sets, Belville sets were in production from 1994 to 2008.  While the sets over the years covered a variety of themes: home, farm, horses and fairy tales, this was the only Advent Calendar released.

It opened on day one with the Belville Fairy Figure, and culminated on the twenty fourth day with a LEGO Tree.  Not just any tree, but a snow covered pine tree, with presents underneath.

The builds include household themed builds, such as a vanity unit and tea set; pets; Winter Holiday themed models such as a snowman, fireplace and Christmas Wreath and finally toys with a fairy tale theme ( which was common in Belville at this time)

As you can see, the Belville Advent Calendar contained many interesting elements including animals, household accessories and speckled transparent pink elements (including a fish!).

It was well received at the time, with the variety of elements and animals being referred to as some of the strengths of the set. It is quirky, and covers such a wide variety of material, but with only 208 parts, the price was likely to disappoint many.

Catching up with our Friends

A mixture of tan, bright yellowish orange and flat gold leaves me curious about where today’s build will take us… until:

This is a small cute Rocking Reindeer? Designed to hang from the tree, it is sweet build, ad conjures up images of traditional wooed toys, brightly painted. Indeed this takes us back to the origins of the LEGO Group, when they began as wooden toymakers all those years ago (although this is not necessarily a toy that was ever produced.

So far, so good.  I wonder where our Advent-ure will take us tomorrow? Come back then, or follow the blog to receive updates.

 Until next time, Play Well!

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