The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #8

AS we continue Further and further into advent, we continue to look at short lived Advent Calendar themes.  While Castle has been a long standing theme since the beginning days of the Minifigure, it has not been an endless source of Advent Calendar based material.  this is a shame, as the daily development of accessories and stories works quite well in this context.

There have been two Castle themed Advent Calendars over the years: ‘Castle Advent Calendar 7979’ in 2008 and Kingdoms Advent Calendar 7952 from 2010

7979 Castle Advent Calendar – 1978

The 2008 LEGO Advent Calendar is full of LEGO Castle fun for the holidays! Discover and assemble a new character or accessory each day, from knights and a jester to a supper table and treasure chest. Each day open a new window in the specially designed Advent Calendar box! Includes 24 castle-themed surprises in all, plus a play mat printed on the box lid! Includes 9 minifigures!

With a Knight, Armored King, Dwarf, Troll, Evil Witch, Jester, Maid and Skeletons, this calendar contains the essence of the Fantasy Era Castle sets.

As you opened each day, there are several days in a row sharing a common theme.  The calendar culminated with revealing the Jester Minifigure.

Kingdoms Advent Calendar 7952

Celebrate 24 December days full of medieval builds! There’s a surprise in store for you every morning as you decorate the LEGO Kingdoms with new exclusive holiday accessories every day. Open each window containing a build for December 1st through December 24th! Contains 24 LEGO Kingdoms themed builds including a catapult, a wizard, a dungeon and a queen with throne.

This calendar provided a great selection of figures and models -males and females, knights and villages as well as the Queen and Blue Wizard.  While there is nothing particularly Christmas like in the set, the final window reveals the Blue Wizard and his wand.

‘True’ Castle (I know how many of you feel about NEXO Knights) has been been absent from our shelves for too long, and looking at these Advent Calendars today has me feeling somewhat nostalgic for its return.

Keeping up with our friends

Today we have a mixture of red and white tubing, as well as connector pins.  It looks like it could be pretty sweet…

Yes, a candy cane: some how red and white striped candy has become associated with Christmas

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