Jack Stone Helicopter Transporter Reboot Announced

THE LEGO Group announced today that as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations for the release of the now classic 6357 Helicopter Transport, we will see a Jack Stone Commemorative Helicopter Transport as an extremely Limited Edition.

Loosely based on 2001’s 4607 Copter Transport, this will be a limited edition of only 10000 worldwide, and available exclusively at shop.lego.com

Speaking from Billund, company spokesman Itsaj Okesen revealed that they had been listening to consumers:

“There is no doubt that the original Jack Stone line failed to inspire children or adults alike despite the presence of such an iconic character. Children have told us that while the Juniors sets are pretty cool, the number of pieces make it complicated for even gifted three year olds to complete, and the minifigures are both too fiddly to play with, and frequently stolen by their AFOL relatives.”

“Thanks to the development of dual colour injection technology, We have managed to reduce the part count from 64 parts to seventeen , including an exclusive sand red colored brick seperater. We have also updated the old Jack Stone font, because everyone hated that”

“Kids will be able to play with the set almost as soon as they unbox it, and AFOLs will Love It because of the limited number, and the return of sand red. We are confident that it will sell out quickly.”

“If it proves as successful as we hope, there shall be further helicopter carriers released during the year, reskinned with great classic themes: Space, Classic Castle, Rock raiders, Exoforce, Bionicle and of course the fan favorite, Galidor. We hope to be able to provide images of these sets soon.”

When asked why this was being announced today, Mr Okesen replied, “We thought you would rather hear about this than the UCS Millennium Falcon being retired”

Today marks 30 years to the day since the release of the original 6357. Regular readers will know that I have suspected something was up with the Helicopter Transport for some time. I am so excited to be vindicated in my beliefs. For me, it’s a day one purchase.

Jack Stone’s Commemorative Copter Transport (Set number 27745) will be released exclusively at shop.lego.com on 1st April, 2018.

It will cost $36.65

Play well!

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