Another Official Word: Moving on from the Classic Smiley Face in the Downtown Diner

The recently announced Downtown Diner represents a few departures from Modular tradition: the architectural style, liberal application of the color teal and the departure of the Classic Smiley face from the Minifigures.

Introduced 40 years ago this year, the classic smiley face has been a stalwart of the modular buildings since their inception over a decade ago. When images first surfaced of the Diner, many questioned their legitimacy, given the absence of smileys.

The Creator Expert Team have come forward to the Ambassadors Network this week to address this change:

Over the past 10 years our modular buildings have evolved in many ways.  We’ve added more interior details, more story-telling and more emotional triggers such as unique decorations on windows & Minifigure torsos.  We now feel the time is right to bring the Minifigure expression in line with all the amazing details now offered throughout our models.  We have always loved the classic smiley face for its versatility and nostalgia value, but are now excited to explore the new possibilities expressive faces

will offer us.

What do you think? Certainly 2018 is looking like a year where a few things that have been unchanged are getting a little ‘shaken up’. Are the new faces a drawback or a drawcard for you? Leave your comments below.

3 thoughts on “Another Official Word: Moving on from the Classic Smiley Face in the Downtown Diner

  1. It’s about time! Usually I’m good with a little nostalgia, but the minifig head has evolved into so much more subtle and interesting an instrument due to the range of personae and expressions available. This is a good move by TLG, bringing the modular sets’ minifigs up to date.

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