Building Up to Christmas:40253 Day 1

Last year we saw the release of the   24in1 Christmas Buildup.  Twenty four different builds: a new one each day.  I really enjoyed the new model per day, even though it often meant that I had to pull apart previous models from the project

A complaint heard by some is that you cannot have all daily models built up simultaneously.  This is a great approach however, if you are trying to encourage a child to get creative as it reminds them that it is OK to pull apart a a model to get to the parts inside. I appreciate that this is a source of frustration for some people, but IT IS OKAY to pull a LEGO model apart after you have built!

This year, we have a new set, with new builds. The packaging recommends that you pull take a photo of your model against a festive background and share with your friends. Incase you have no suitable festive background, they provide one that was prepared earlier.

I saw three ships come sailing in, on Christmas Day on the morning.

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