Lets get Stuck Into It: Rapid Review- 70904 Clayface Splat Attack.

This is the third in my rapid reviews of sets based on The LEGO® Batman Movie. IMG_9955This is the final one featuring Batman for the time being.  Come along to the Rambling Brick Facebook Page on Saturday 18th March at 21:00 AEDT to see my final live stream in this series. – It’s around morning tea time in the UK, just before lunch in Europe or an early breakfast on the East Coast of the United States.  Or Saturday Night on the East Coast of Australia, but that’s okay because the LEGO Batman Move has NOT YET BEEN RELEASED!

But on with the review…

70904 Clayface Splat Attack

This is another set from the first wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets, and retails for $AUD49.99.  Lets call that $50. Building up around a solid core, with a huge number of medium nougat plates, this figure is remarkably posable, with an interchangeable arm

clayface action.png
The many faces and limbs of Clayface.

extensions. As well as the huge Brick Built Clayface, you get another Batman (and yet another new face – I got extremely lucky with these.), and Mayor McKaskill

What I liked

  • SNOT all over the place.
  • Medium nougat
  • Every type of ball joint connection: model for the head, click ball joints, regular ball joints, ball joints with the friction cup extender.
  • Looks very clay like
  • Spare Limb extensions!
  • Expressive face.
  • Mayor McKaskill figure adds another dynamic woman to my LEGO city.
  • Double 6-shooters
  • There are no stickers in this set!
  • Another new Batman

What I didn’t like

  • The LEGO Batman Movie has not yet been released in Australia
  • The build becomes a bit repetitive with the limbs being not merely symmetrical, but identical front and back.
  • Some plates are easily dislodged. You could, however, consider this a play feature.
clayface joints
Every conceivable contemporary ball joint in action with an ultra posable figure!

The final effect is terrific.  Clayface is very sturdy on his legs, and the arms hold their posture well.  I may need to get another to use as a nougat parts pack.

I give this set 4/5 Arbitrary Praise Units.  I have one more set to build.  Will it have another different Batman head?  Will it feature a different Batperson? Tune in tomorrow…

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Play Well!

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