Rebrick’s Massive Mini Building Madness with Mega  Modular Prizes

The 10th anniversary celebrations for the LEGO® Creator Modular Buildings continues. LEGOrebrick have just announced an opportunity to win EVERY MODULAR BUILDING SET EVER( released at time of contest)!
rebrick-expert.jpgThis includes: Cafe Corner 10182, Market Street 10190, Green Grocer 10185, Fire Station 10197, Grand Emporium 10211, Pet Shop 10218, Town Hall 10224, Palace Cinema 10232, Parisian Restaurant 10243 , Detective’s  Office 10246, Brick Bank 10251 and Assembly Square 10255. And also the Mini Modular set 10230.

You can’t even buy half of these any more. Unless you wish to sell a major organ. The rambling brick does not recommend or condone the selling of body parts, even to be able to afford a Green Grocer 10185 MISB

What do you need to do?

Build a miniature modular building, using the micro modular specification described:  On either side you use a 1×2 Technic brick, to allow connection between adjacent modules. You may use a corner (like Cafe Corner or Grand Emporium) or straight block (like…the rest!)

I may not have entered the exact spec, as it appears that the description on the website may be about to be revised… I’ll update when some questions have been answered…
Points are awarded for: overall coolness and originality; most inspired details on the mini modular; attention to contest details and the best use of LEGO® elements. You may not use a licensed theme – e.g. Star wars (no modular Death Star); Lord of the Rings (Shame – I was just imagining a network of modular Hobbit Holes…, or Orthanc)

The link to the contest can be found here.

This contest will NOT be made available through the front page of Rebrick, but only through the link provided by Recognised Lego® User Groups (RLUGs) and Recognised LEGO® Fan Media (RLFM) sites for their members and readers.

So… If you have read this, you are eligible to enter!  Unless you live in one of the territories listed ( Iran, North Korea, Myanmar/Burma, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Syria, any other U.S. sanctioned country and where prohibited or restricted by law. The contest is not open to residents in the state of Quebec.)

Have you entered this contest? Why not share your creation on social media with #LEGOModularHouses or #LEGOCreatorExpert

Play well!

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