Building up and catching up

The month is well underway, and now we are up to days seven and eight of 40222:Christmas Buildup. At this rate I will catch up with the rest of the world in time for the eleventh of December.

Day 7: I’m leaving on a jet plane

Many of us spend our holidays travelling: to visit friends and family, see new things or get back where we belong. This great little plane is made of 15 pieces. I particularly like the use of alternating clear and coloured plates to represent the windows, as well as as the red and green lights representing port and starboard on the wings.  It reminds me of the Caravelle Jet – set 687: Initially released in 1973, I remember receiving this set as a get well soon present in 1975 after having my tonsillectomy.  I still have some of the windowed 2×4 bricks with window printing on the sides.  Aaah happy days. I can taste the jelly and ice-cream just looking at it…

Day 8: Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse 

This mouse (or is it a grey squirrel with acorns tucked away in his mouth?) demonstrates a couple of great techniques: the round tiles representing ears and also the ‘tooth’ pieces representing the whiskers. Reminding us once again that a single piece can serve the role of others.  I certainly preferred this build over the dog-monkey beast from a few days ago.


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