A Brief Moment of Indulgence.


Sorry for the break between posts… life has got in the way.

The rambling brick opened its doors just over 6 months ago: 30th January 2016.  This is the fifty first post (because I thought posting this as the fiftieth would be a little too indulgent, and feel a bit self fulfilling.).

When I started to ramble, I said I was aiming to be a little different to other Lego blogs. I hope I am achieving this.

The most popular posts have been looking at the Doctor Who Lego Dimensions figure; reviewing the Mighty Micros mobile game, and taking builds off the grid. So… this gives me no good guidance on where to proceed from here.  My favourite posts to write have included my early creator posts about  dogs, cats and boats.  Probably because they take me to my favourite aspect of set construction: little discoveries about technique. All of these posts are more interesting than this one!

There have been over 6000 page views, with readers from over 60 different countries. The majority are from Australia. This does not surprise me. Most of the promotion this page receives is via Australian Lego Facebook Groups. However, around 14% are from the US, and 7% from the UK.  Canada, Germany and France are following.  Someone in Denmark has read this blog several times ( or several people have read it once).

Over this time  I appear to have accumulated over 200 followers between various media: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Tumblr.

Normal service shall resume shortly: I have a pile of sets awaiting construction, I have a trip to Billund coming up in September and I have a major project on the backburner.

Let’s see how it progresses from here.

Thanks for your support. It means a lot to me.

Play Well.

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