Minifigure Storage Dilemmas

As the weather become less pleasant, and the great outdoors becomes slightly less appealing, peoples attention turns to sorting things out in the Legoratory.  Over the last few days I have seem some impressive displays that people use to store their collection of Collectable Minifigure Collections, Batmen, Iron Men, sundry Super Heroes and Big Figs.

I admire the effort that people go to, constructing spectacular reconstructions of the BatCave, or Tony Stark’s Armour Lab as a backdrop for their collections.  The Daiso boxes (nifty little display boxes you can buy from Daiso stores…), Customised Ikea frames and Lego Minifig Storage containers (Why, oh why did they have to release 18 Disney Collectable Minifigs?? Why does my computer keep trying to autocorrect minifigs to minifies? And what does ‘minifies’ even mean??)

I have to admit, I lack the discipline to sort my figures out and display them in any ordered fashion.  This was driven home to me as I set about trying to locate a certain minifig, as part of an image I have been looking to create [shameless cross promotion: Keep your eyes on the Ramblingbrick Instagram feed to see it soon ].  Many of my mini figures are kept in the one area of my lego build room…

I was unable to find him for a couple of days.  He has subsequently revealed himself to me. Perhaps my mini figure storage and organisational system needs a little refinement.

What do you think?



Play well.



6 thoughts on “Minifigure Storage Dilemmas

  1. I think that maybe you should store minifigures, accessories, and minifigure parts that aren’t put together yet (shirts, pants, etc.) in separate places, like small plastic containers, or something like that.

    • Well, some of them are stored like that (but in a box, not on the floor) others are on formal display. These ones were specifically those that my children play with. It’s fun to see how they evolve in their natural environment.

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