It’s new to me:Round Tile 1 x 1 with Pin

So last year I missed something.  I discovered it last weekend when I opened up the Gotham City Cycle Chase 76053.  Its the Round Tile 1 x 1 with Pin (BL 20482, Lego Element numbers  6112751 / 6126113), and I think it’s awesome.

In this set, its is used as jets for Deadshot’s jetpack.  This piece is quite versatile. The bottom of the piece accepts a stud.  The pin on top is a standard 3mm lego pin: it fits in a minifig’s hand.  And it has a nifty tiny hole in it that accepts friends hair accessories ( as demonstrated in Emma’s Tourist Kiosk (41098). It also accepts fire and feathers.

Harley demonstrates the way that this piece can bind to other bricks.  Fire, feathers and hair accessories also fit into the hole at the end of the shaft.  On the right, we see its use in Gotham City Cycle Chase, in Dead Shot’s Jet Pack.

The really nifty application for this piece is as a way to change the directions of studs – instead of placing studs in both directions, we set up the tubes facing outwards: By placing the pin into the hollow stud in the top of an offset plate, over the space of  3 plates, as demonstrated below.

new snot
Placing the bar into the hollow studs, allows you to turn studs upside down.  How could you use this?

This piece appeared in trans-clear in 2015 (Especially Friends, and some of the Elves/Dragons), and has begun to appear in pearl gold, particularly in the 2016 friends sets, but also in the major Direct to Consumer sets: the Classic BatCave(76052); BrickBank(10251) and Ghostbusters HQ(75827).  It also appears in the Nexo Knight set ‘The Kings Mech'(70327).  The clear version also appeared in the controversial reissue of the Winter Toy Shop (2015, 10249) – admittedly only two, tucked away in the bottom of micro builds in the toy shop, but still there.

I think this is a versatile piece, whose potential is only just beginning to be explored both in MOCs and regular sets. What do you think? Could this be a useful SNOT/inverted snot technique? How would you use this piece? why not leave a comment below.


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