Bulking up the Minifigs: Ultimate Axl 70336

I seem to have found myself picking up a few more NEXO Knight sets than intended.  This Blog began back in January looking at Ultimate Macy And then Ultimate Aaron became necessary to create a fully armoured Green Lantern Finally, I found the largest, and most recently released of the team, in the Wild.  Yes, Ultimate Axl is now out and about, with a RRP of $AU16 (rounded up for the sake of decimal currency, and brevity of keystrokes: this second point I have now negated).


Axl caught my eye originally as part of the Fortrex set.  I like NEXO Knights, but I don’t love it.  As such, the only set I have picked up (outside of the Ultimate figures) is Jestro’s Evil Mobile (70316).  And that was because it only involved frequent flyer points, not actual cash.  I will put this together and see if there is anything interesting about it.  It seems to be one of the least frequently reviewed Nexo Knight Sets out there…and seems to be significantly reduced in a few places around town.  Cause meet effect? I’ll let you know some day.

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