The Sounds of Childhood: Remixed

There is a sound that only comes from playing with LEGO® Bricks. And playing is possibly different to what most of us do when we are using those lumps of ABS to construct the model displayed on the cover of a box. Which, these days, is likely to be black, with a strip of elements in a solitary colour along the bottom. Bearing the nomenclature: 18+.

When I build LEGO sets these days, one of two things happens: I pour the elements onto a series of white dinner plates, one bag per plate. Alternatively, as you might have seen on our recent reviews, Mrs Rambling Brick knolls the elements out, only to have me knock a few out of place while I take the tray over to be photographed. We have recently obtained some trays explicitly for this purpose, and I hope the end result is helping you so search out the elements present in the sets that we are reviewing.

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