The LEGO Group Annnounces Plans to Build a New Factory in Vietnam – Commencing in 2022

Fresh from the LEGO Newsroom: The LEGO Group have announced plans to start building a new, carbon neutral factory in Vietnam, during 2022, for completion in 2024. This will be the LEGO Group’s 6th manufacturing plant in the world, along with existing factories in Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico and China. As such, it will allow the company to continue to support the ongoing growth seen in the APAC market over recent years.

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Minifig40 III: Printing Our Minifigure Elements and Putting Them together.

minifigure_production_funbuildToday we continue our 40th Birthday Exploration of the Minifigure’s journey: We have previously looked at the structural prototyping and moulds used for our minifigures.  Today, we will take a special look into the LEGO Factory at Kladno, in the Czech Republic,  The LEGO Group have sent The Rambling Brick (and other fan media organisations) some fantastic photos, taken by Jan Branc, as well as a video demonstrating some of the processes that our minifigures go through in the Kladno Factory, located in the Czech Republic.

Let us look at torsos, arms and hands; heads and, finally, the legs.

Shake Your Body:

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