LEGO Creative Lab joins with Indiegogo to test drive new product line.


Add A Splash of Creativity to your day.

Today, we see the announcement of an exciting collaboration between the LEGO Creative Play Lab and Indiegogo. Rather than just testing ideas out with employees and focus groups, LEGO have announced that some ideas will be developed through public crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo.

GearsThe first range to be developed in this way is the new FORMA series: Based around a Technic core, this range will feature subjects from nature with swappable skins, that can be colored in or changed by the purchaser. Aimed at a young adult market, there is an emphasis on the creative project for display, rather than being a toy. The initial Indiegogo features an articulated fish model, with four different skins/designs available.Model Close Up_move

As you can see, the final result is not a typical LEGO model, but resembles a lego skeleton with literal skins, which can be changed. The sets are priced from $45USD, and $15 for the additional skins.  The opening range includes a Koi, Splash Koi, shark and Ink Koi – to be coloured in by the purchaser!Product_4 skins

You can follow the link to the campaign here.  Currently only available in the UK and USA, in the future there is the possibility of engaging other markets.

The completed koi model in action. Source:

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