Halloween BAM Figures Spotted in the Wild.

Here we are on the eve of the final quarter of the year and our local LEGO Certified Store has already put the new Build-a-Minifigure (BAM) elements in the station, and loaded up some new figures into easy to carry 3-packs. With closing time mere minutes away, I didn’t have the time to see if there were any other new figures to be found. You may or may not find any when you next visit your local LEGO Branded store.

There is a distinctive Halloween flavour in the air with some of these figures, even though there are still more than 2 months to that time of the year. Lets take a closer look (Special thanks to Tash for her work on this week’s cardboard cut out backdrop).

First we have the pumpkin headed Halloween Fan:

This figure has the well established pumpkin head element, with a somewhat sinister face cut out.. The figure has a lime green striped torso, featuring the words ‘Happy Halloween’ on the front, looking like an unripe pumpkin. The figure I picked up had a goatee and a turquoise hearing aid on his left ear – this element debuted in the Jazz Club earlier this year, and has appeared a couple of times since then. He has been given a lantern, but since the BAM element rules incorporate 5 components, do not expect the lantern to have a 1x1round brick on the inside. Perhaps I’ll add one later…

The Tree Lady. there was no other way to describe this figure: reddish brown legs and torso (with front and back lines implying a tree trunk.) She has an older face, smiling on one side, tired on the other. She is carying a watering can, and wearing the medium nougat tree trunk disguise, which debuted in LEGO Friends last year.

Finally, the saxophonist at the Halloween party, wearing a black eared piece of headwear. He has star shaped glasses and a big grin on his face, one that appeared in a birthday set back in 2020, and has otherwise been furloughed. The black torso has a collar and bowtie on the front, and is covered in dark red and orange polka dots. He is carrying a saxophone for good measure. The legs are dual moulded, black with white feet. He’s out and about enjoying himself with the other members of his family, this fine Halloween.

Serving suggestions only…

Of course, there is no obligation to arrange the figures like this. While the elements are ostensively designed to be put together in this way, there is no reason you cannot swap the hats, heads, legs and accessories with any others in the BAM station, to suit your preferences.

Based on previous years, I expect the pumpkins will be very popular. Lanterns will be a useful addition for any Olden Times figure that you might construct from the wall, while the watering can has been particularly common, appearing 21 times over the last 3 years, across Friends and City. The Saxophone (with golden, not black mouthpiece) has appeared in a few sets over the last few years. But you might prefer a pizza, katana, camera or other accessory. Don’t like what they put in the box? swap it with something else in the station.The choice is yours!

I have to admit, at $19.99 for 3 figures, I do think that the price is a bit steep for these, but if you are looking for a little bit of craziness for your Halloween Village (is that a thing?) its hard to walk past them.

I really like the pumkin guy, with his Happy halloween shirt, as well as the Saxophonist doing his best to look (and sound???) like a cat. To be honest, for me, the tree looks like she is waiting to be unmasked by Fred from Scooby Doo! But that’s also on brand for the theme.

What do you think of these figures? Why not leave your comments below.

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