New Ninjago Dragons Rising Posters Revealed

With a little over a week before the first episodes of the new Ninjago Series are aired, I am excited to be able to reveal some new posters/desktop wallpapers for the new series, which have been released to LEGO Fan Media before they go live on on Monday.

The posters give us some of the clearest images that we have had of our heroes (and a couple of the leaders of the Imperium) to date.

The first picture brings us our heroes: newcomers Arin and Sora, the Baby Dragon Riyu, as well as veterans Lloyd, Kai and Nya. The New Stories will focus on the newcomers, while Lloyd will be stepping into more of a mentor role. We can expect the other Ninja to appear in the series, but they will have a much less prominent role in the story – maybe dropping in for a side quest here and there, but not staying for long. Lloyd, Kai and Nya have new hoods, while Arin and Sora’s a modeled in a similar style, with allowances for the Horns over Arin’s brow, and the ears on Sora’s hood. [Looking at the minifigures on, it appears that they are now a two part hood – with the main body fitting over the shoulders, and the top parts to be added on top. Hopefully I will be able to get a closer look to share with you soon.

The new comers all have their own ‘hero shots:’

Baby Riyu looks extremely cute, with great, big round eyes, while his body greatly outsized his wings.

Arin’s tunic has similar markings to the Ninja, while his hood has some metal horn riveted on. The White cross in a circle is the letter A in Ninjago script – just as our older Ninja have the first letters of their names on their tunics.

Sora seems to have a fascination with cats – with the cat-ears on her hood, as well as the cat shaped key ring shown hanging from the straps printed on her torso.

Of course, all heroes are defined by their enemies, and in the new series, the enemies come from the realm of the Imperium. We have the wolf-like Lord Ras, as well as the Empress Beatrix. Both are wearing golden collars over their torsos, which appear to be almost electronically enhanced.

I have not cropped or reduced these images, should you wish to download them for your own use.

I cant wait to take a look at the new sets and bring some reviews to you over the coming months. I have the wave of sets waiting for me to tackle them.

What would you like to see? There are a couple of sets that have me intrigued, but I’d love to know what you are interested in seeing.And do you want to see the sets? Or particular aspects of the wave?

Do we go with Town, Space or Castle?

To say nothing of a looming trip away which will be amazing, but interfere with my build time!

Leave your comments below, and until next time…

Play Well!

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