LEGO IDEAS 21340 Tales of the Space Age Revealed: For Release May 5, 2023

One of the most exciting aspects of the LEGO Ideas round unveiled last September at RLFM days was that, after a number of ever larger and more expensive sets released there were a few appearing on the horizon which addressed this relative imbalance.

One of these was the submission ‘Tales of the Space Age’ by LEGO Ideas user JohnCarpenter. Inspired by Sci-fi movie posters and book covers of the 1980s, these postcards rapidly caught the imaginations of people around the world, with their stark, minimalistic designs, while evoking an era in a way that felt nostalgic, even when it was a current style!

The LEGO Tales of the Space Age set is available from 5th May for LEGO VIPs and 8th May for all via LEGO Stores and priced 49.99 EUR/ 79.99 AUD/ 44.99 GBP/ 499.0 CNY/ 1249.9 TRY/ 49.99 USD/ 64.99 CAD

While there were 3 postcards included in the original submission: The Comet; The Lunar Eclipse and the Rocket Launch; in this set, there is a fourth model included: featuring a large ringed planet in the sky

Between the 4 images, I particularly appreciate the way in which the primary colour palette varies between each model:

The builds are designed to be displayed either close together, spaced out or even hanging on the wall.

The original design was submitted by Poland-based, LEGO fan designer Jan Woźnica who is an IT Professional when not building with LEGO bricks.  Jan entered the LEGO Ideas ‘Out of This World’ challenge and was inspired by the classic sci-fi posters and book covers when creating this design.

I note that some subtle changes in the colour of the sky has been made in each of these, while a 4th imagehas been added.

I am delighted to see a new LEGO Ideas set with a relatively low price tag, selling for $49.99USD/AUD79.99. The models are not too big, and can be arranged in a number of ways.

This could well be for you if you are looking for a set driven by nostalgia, and outer space flavored, but not Star Wars. What do you think of the final result? Leave your comments below and until next time,

Play Well!

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