40587 Easter Basket: Gift With Purchase [Hands On Review]

There have been some really interesting and desirable Gifts With Purchase (GWP) available with your LEGO Purchases this year. Some have, unfortunately, had required you pay a high price in order to ‘score the prize,’ as it were. Therefore, as we come into the late March purchasing period, it is quite a relief to see a fairly cute Easter-themed GWP available, with a buy-in price of $70USD/70€/£65. The promotion will run from 16th March to 9th April 2023, while stocks last.

I am fortunate to have been sent a pre-release copy of this set by the LEGO Group: Let’s take a look to see if it is worth the effort to make another online purchase this year? Or should you wait?

The set comes in a sophisticated-looking box featuring a ‘Limited Edition’ livery. The instructions feature the same image on a pale blue field. There were 4 bags included in the box, two each numbered ‘1’ and two numbered ‘2.’ There are no stickers.

A quick look at the elements reveals this box to be filled with many different coloured elements:

As you can see, we get lots of medium nougat curved slopes, as well as some in bright light blue and cool yellow. There are plenty of hinge plates, along with a few hinge bricks. We have lots of brackets (1x2x2 upwards) in yellow and some in dark tan. We start off building a hinged circle, kept in shape in part with the cutoff 2×2 plates. We build up 4 of the 8 panels around the pot with curved slopes and, as we build them up, the alternating panels are added on the outside. As the pot is built up, the outer row of panels is held in place with the aid of a round brick, with axle/pins emerging, and held in place by the friction of these axles in the 1×2 technic bricks with axle hole.

I really like this technique, and it is certainly not the first time that I have seen it used to keep elements appropriately spaced when curved structures are involved.

Having completed the pot, we start work on the rabbit which is built upon an 8-stud circular plate. This sits on top of the round brick. Next, we move onto the rabbit, before adding the stems to the flowers. The flowers themselves are added in a variety of angles, using a green angled bar with stud.

I love the cute face on the rabbit, as well as the ways semi-circular plates are used to simulate paws reaching over the edge of the pot.

The flowers exploit the coloured elements nicely, and bringing something really special to the set in the process.

Here is the finished pot, with the Rabbit front and centre:

Sometimes, it is hard to fully conceptualise the size of the finished model, so here it is next to a couple of minifigures:

The Rabbit is not overly posable, but its head rotates on a 2×2 turntable, and both ears can be independently angled. On the whole, I really like the colours used for the foliage and flowers, with the possible exception of the vibrant coral flower buds.

This is a colourful, whimsical set with delightful composition. While the rabbit is cute, I find it is the layout and form of the flowers that really hale the model to stand out.

In short, after a run of GWPs featuring fairly significant buy-ins, such as the Houses of the World, the Moving Truck and Blacktron Cruiser, It is quite refreshing to find an attractive GWP set with a relatively low threshold.

You can get it by spending over $70USD/70€/£65 at your local LEGO Store or online at LEGO.com. At this stage, we don’t believe there are restrictions related to the themes for reaching this threshold, but be sure to check LEGO.com during the qualifying period.

Click here to go to LEGO.com – the Rambling Brick might receive a small commission for any sets purchased.

What do you think of the Easter Basket? Does it prompt you to try and get pick up a couple of extra sets? Or will you hold off to the ‘pre May the 4th’ period? Why not leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well!

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