2023 Ninjago Core Sets Revealed

After the dramatic finale to the Crystallized Storyline in the animated series, the first wave of LEGO® Ninjago sets in 2023 returns to the ‘Core’ theme: bringing us the Core elements of the Ninjago theme: Vehicles, Mechs, Dragons and Monasteries. Similar to last year, we see some sets with the ‘EVO’ theme: adding powerups and armour – similar to what we have seen in the most reason season.

Today, we have official details for 9 of the new range of sets, due to ship early next year:

71780 Kai’s Ninja race Car EVO

94 Pieces.

Help Kai transform his supercool Ninja Race Car for fast-paced, thrilling adventures in NINJAGO® City! Jump in the cockpit and take a ride in the off-road vehicle with mega tires and a golden wing spoiler. When you pull over, swap the wheels and upgrade it to an even more powerful and rapid street racer ready for some exciting showdowns!

71781 Lloyd’s Mech Battle EVO 23 Pieces

Get set for a series of awesome battles as you stride into action with Golden Lloyd and his mech to fight Bone Warrior! You need to watch out for the evil green bone warrior and his mech’s pack of assorted bone weapons. Upgrade Golden Lloyd’s mech to full strength by adding golden armor and wings. For succeeding in your challenge, you will be rewarded with a collectible Resilience banner.

With Lloyd, and a Bone Warrior, each with their own Mech, this brings us a flashback to the enemies from the early days of Ninjago

71782 Cole’s Earth Dragon EVO 285 Pieces


Product Name

Join forces with Cole and his earth dragon for an all-action clash against the evil Bone Scorpio. But watch out, the Bone Scorpio is armed with a scythe! To take him down, upgrade the dragon into a bigger and more powerful beast by adding golden wings and a tail. For succeeding in your challenge you will be rewarded with a collectible Strength banner.

71783 Kai’s Mech Rider EVO 312 Pieces

Roar into battle with Kai in a mech suit on the back of his powerful motorbike. He and Nya need to take down the green bone warriors!]  Bone King is armed with a sword and Bone Hunter has a bone mattock and a sword. You can seize victory by upgrading the ninja bike with golden elements. For succeeding in your challenge, you will be rewarded with a collectible Focus banner.

the green bone warriors.

Firgures include: Kai, Nya, Bone King and Bone Hunter

71784 Jay’s Lightning Jet EVO 146 Pieces

Soar into the sky with Jay in his supercool Lightning Jet to protect NINJAGO® City! Keep an eye out for villains as you patrol the airspace above the ninja’s home. When you land, upgrade the jet to make it bigger and more intimidating by adding golden blades, a rudder and 2 powerful stud shooters, before zooming back into the clouds. Now, at the first sign of danger, you can fire the shooters!

71785 Jay’s Titan Mech 794 Pieces

Get ready for an epic battle as Jay in his most powerful-ever mech and his fellow ninja warrior Nya take on 3 dangerous green bone warriors.  Look out! Bone King, Bone Knight and Bone Hunter are ready to take them both down with a fast-firing double crossbow loaded with 4 darts and mounted on a wagon. Fight back with the mech’s large dragon blade, 2 katanas and 2 shooters. You must save NINJAGO® City from attack!

71786 Zane’s Ice Dragon Creature 973 Pieces

Descend from the skies with Zane and his awesome Ice Dragon to take on 3 evil green bone warriors. Attack with the dragon’s sharp ice claws, horns, tail and ice-breath! When you have won the clash, rebuild the model into an imposing dragon warrior on 2 legs wielding a large golden blade. You have the choice between 2 amazing battle-ready creatures to protect.

There are 5 Minifiguress in this set: Zane, Pixal, Bone Knight, Bone Warriorr and Bone King.

71787 Creative Ninja Brick Box 530 Pieces

Work on your skills with Nya, Kai and Master Wu at the Ninja Dojo. Develop your strength and agility at the training area on the obstacle course, but stay alert because Bone Hunter wants to break in! Get ready to race off in the ninja car or on the motorbike to confront him. You can also use the 530 pieces from the brick box to build the new ninja models and builds.

The set comes with Kai, Nya, Master Wu, Bone Hunter as well as male and female apprentices.

71800 Nya’s Water Dragon EVO 173 Pieces

Ride into battle with Nya and her water dragon to take on the evil Bone Guard in a thrilling showdown! Lloyd is there to help too. Watch out as the Bone Guard uses his swords as wings to launch a flying attack with his bone shuriken. Upgrade the dragon with golden wings to make it bigger and win the battle. For completing your mission, you will be rewarded with a collectible Generosity banner.

This wave brings us all that Ninjago Fans have come to expect: Vehicles, Mechs, Dragons as well as locations, and enemies to defeat.

I love the look of the Bone Army in this wave, and I am somewhat heartened to see Ny more accessible than she was in the previous Core range. I am also glad to see Pixal making an appearance. Like last year’s range, we have banners representing different virtues for the Ninja: Strength, Focus, Resilience and Generosity.

There are a few sets here that look like they could be a lot of fun to build and play with. I am particularly excited by Zane’s Ice Creature, Jays Titan Mech, and the Creative Ninja Brick Box. Special thanks also to Nya’s Water Dragon for bringing a real LEGO Elves Vibe to the table. The EVO concept of ‘Armoring up’ continues this year, bringing some more interesting upgrades, particularly with Cole’s Earth Dragon.

I am excited to be able to say that I will be reviewing these sets in months to come, and would love to know which ones you would most like to see. why not leave your comments below, and until next time…

Play Well.

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