New Spring Festival, Monkie Kid and Duplo sets revealed at CIEE5.

Today, at the Chinese International Import Expo, the LEGO group unveiled some of the most anticipated sets for the new year.

Announced at the expo, and streamed on WeChat, we saw new sets in Duplo, Monkie Kid, and also commemorating the Year of the Rabbit. I apologize for the quality of images, caputered from the live stream of the press conference.

After some introductory remarks, the team from LEGO China placed the letters P,L,A and Y into a Dias, to reveal the models.

Paul Huang, Senior Vice President of the LEGO Group and General Manager of LEGO China, said “As a five-year exhibitor, we are excited to continue bringing the creative and playful new LEGO sets inspired by local culture and traditions to Chinese consumers at the CIIE. We also want to invite people of all ages to play at our booth, because we believe in one simple mission; inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow. We believe that play is crucial to the wellbeing and happiness of the whole family in the rapidly changing world.”

The LEGO® Play Well Study 2022* showed that there is increasing affinity of learning through play among Chinese parents and children, with 93% of parents on China’s mainland seeing play as key in helping kids learn new things and 96% of children said play helps them try new ideas and do new things.

The research also found that play’s benefits extend beyond children to the whole family, with 95% of Chinese parents saying play builds strong family bonds. 96% said play improves family happiness and welling, and 95% of them thought that play helps them relax as a family.

First we have a revised Monkey King Mech, decorative sets – including an cumquat tree, waterlily and fish pond, a Duplo set celebrating Chinese culture, and finally a parade, celebrating the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

80045 Monkey King Ultra Mech

A revised version of the original Monkie King Mech seen in 2020, during the first wave of sets. Again, lots of gold lacquered elements in this set. I really like the foil elements on his shoulders.

LEGO® Monkey King Ultra Mech is a successor to the LEGO® Monkey King Warrior Mech which was unveiled in 2020 during the launch of LEGO® Monkie Kid, the LEGO Group’s first Chinese inspired theme inspired by the classic story of Monkey King. LEGO® Monkey King Ultra Mech features upgrades and add-on accessories on the model, with Monkie Kid controlling the mech with its super powers.

Decorative Sets: 40648 Orange Tree, and 80110 Koi Pond and Waterlily

LEGO® Money Tree features a tree decorated with tangerines, red envelopes and coins which represent prosperity and good luck in the Chinese tradition. The model makes an eye-catching display item and brings extra fun to the lunar new year celebrations.

LEGO® Lunar New Year Display has two exquisite models capturing many iconic traditional festive symbols. One model has buildable golden ingots in the traditional Yuan Bao design, koi fish for good luck, red pockets symbolizing good wishes, and the “Zhao Cai Jin Bao” greeting that welcomes fortune and treasures into the home. The other model has buildable peony flowers with the “Hua Kai Fu Gui” greeting, meaning blooming prosperity and happiness.

Set 80110 brings us two subtle angled plaques One depicts a fish pond, with brick-built fish, with round tiles featuring Chinese characters on a raised plate in the middle., and the other a pink and purple flower. I wonder if it is a water lily? Both of these sets feature plenty of gold lacquer elements

80111 Spring Festival Parade Float

2023 represents the year of the rabbit, and like previous sets, we have a costumed minifigure, wearing a rabbit suit It may or may not be a new mould, but the printing is new, compared to previous rabbit suits. This set also pays homage to the 90th anniversary of the LEGO Group, with a pirate hat, neck protector helmet (castle) and a purple space helmet – the proper thick chin strap one too, not a motor cycle helmet. Just the thing to go with the alien from the series 22 Collectable minifigures.

The rabbit on the float is followed up by a dragon, just as 2023 will be followed by 2024.

LEGO® Lunar New Year Parade recreates the joyous atmosphere of a traditional parade with three colorful, connectible floats. See how the giant rabbit moves when the Year of Rabbit float is pushed. Check out the drummer banging their drum on the musician’s float. And look out for the moving dragon and people dressed as LEGO characters like Monkie Kid on the LEGO float. It creates a spectacular brick-built Lunar New Year parade.

10411 Chinese Culture

And finally, a DUPLO set, extolling aspects of Chinese Culture. This is the second DUPLO set announced at CIIE, and I expect we shall continue to see them for years to come.

LEGO® DUPLO® Town Learn About Chinese Culture introduces curious toddlers to the traditional Chinese culture. Parents can guide the little learners through fascinating aspects of Chinese traditions, from food to music, games to traditional dress. Kids can meet their hosts over a cup of tea and a moon cake in the café or explore cultural traditions in the activity center and temple. They can also simply play with the family under the shade of the blossom tree.

Again, I apologize for the quality of the images, captured from the live stream: hopefully Hi-res pictures are available soon.

We have just received some hi-resolution pictures – I am excited for the purple space helmet and air tanks.

I’d love to know what you think of these sets – leave your comments below and until next time:

Play Well!

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