Extra Pieces Go To Denmark:

I have recently returned home from Denmark where, along with my Extra Pieces podcast collaborator, Jay from Jay’s Brick Blog, I attended the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend followed by Recognised LEGO Fan Media Days in Billund. This was an amazing experience, running at an amazing pace where we got to meet AFOLs from all over the world, LEGO Designers, and representatives of many other LEGO Fan Media. We talk about some of these experiences in our latest episode of Extra Pieces, available of most major podcasting platforms.

We dedicate half of the podcast to asking Designers and Fan Media representatives to identify a set that is of personal significance to them. These folk are listed (in order of appearance) below:

  • Ashwin Visser – Senior Graphic Designer, LEGO Icons
  • Niek Duco van Slagmaat, Designer
  • Angel Grau Bullón, Senior Designer
  • Antica Bracanov, Designer LEGO Icons
  • Jordan Scott, Design Manager, LEGO Ideas
  • Hasan Jensen, Engagement Manager, LEGO Ideas
  • Andy Grubb, Design Manager LEGO Icons & Architecture
  • Johnathan Pushkar -RLFM Ambassador MiniSuperheroes Today
  • Ash – RLFM Ambassador, Ash N Flash
  • Niko Vas – Designer
  • Jason Zaponakis – Designer
  • Atticus Tsoi-Macartney – Designer
  • Signe Wiese – Corporate Historian
  • Francesco Spreafico – RLFM Ambassador, New Elementary
  • Mark Stafford – Senior Designer
  • Balasz K -RLFM Ambassador, Racing Brick
  • Boris V – RLFM Ambassador, Stuck in Plastic
  • Christopher Stamp – Designer Speed Champions
  • Dave H – RLFM Ambassador – Solid Brick Studios
  • Gwyneth Kozbial – Bricknerd
  • Are M Heisendal – Bricknerd
  • Rok Zgalin Kobe – Senior Designer, LEGO Icons & Architecture
  • William B – RLFM Ambassador Hoth Bricks
  • James May, Designer

The choices and themes were wide ranging, both in age and thematic material. You can find this latest episode on your favorite podcasting platform, or at this link.

We’d love to know if this format was entertaining, informative or intriguing for you. (and if we should do something like this again in the future…) Drop us a line in the comments below, and until next time…

Play Well!

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