Is This The Way? 75331 LEGO StarWars Ultimate Collector Series Razor Crest Revealed.

When the first season of ‘The Mandalorian’ premiered on Disney Plus was launched 3 years ago, an icon was born. Well, several. And while ‘Baby Yoda’ was an instant hit, Din Djarin’s ship, the Razor Crest became part of the soul of the series, and many of us were shocked when…. But never mind: spoilers.

Today, the LEGO Group have revealed their latest UCS ship, and it’s a 6187 piece version of the Bounty Hunter’s transport ship. This version has a figure collection consistent with Series 1, episode 1: The Mandalorian, Grogu, the escapee Mythrol and the Ugnaut Kuill.

The 71 cm long set set goes on sale October 3rd to VIPs and October 7th to the rest of the world.

With a wingspan of 50cm, it is less wide than the UCS republic gunship of 2021, and as such is likely to fit onto a standard bench top with minimal overhang.

The Mandalorian minifigure is a new print – with exquisite new detailing, new torso/arm colours and leg printing. The head is printed, rather than the plain black head element previously used. This does raise the question of gatekeeping access to such figures within a high end set but, unlike Commander Cody who was hoped for in the Gunship, we already have ‘play versions’ of the figure.

Cesar Soares “When I first saw the ship a few years ago, I was not a fan, …but in every episode we saw something new and fantastic… I came to love it.”

You can see through the interior, all the way to the back. There is room inside for the Blurrg with a rider, as well as slabs of carbonate. The cockpit is highly detailed, as is the weapons cabinet.

New decorations include the Blurrg’s eyes as well as the decorated widscreen elements.

It was decided that the sleeping quarters would offer more play value than the bathroom…

The set has been designed to allow access to the entire interior by removing the roof of the ship. The scale of the ship was determined by the shape of the 3×3 corner panel, used on the cockpit. However, the final is slightly larger than minifigure scale. This has caused some challenges with the design, particularly with regard to the shape of the ship.

Inside the box are two smaller boxes – decorated with concept are. The first box deals with the first part of the build, while the second covers the engine

26th September 2022: The LEGO Group is thrilled to reveal their latest Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series(UCS) – the LEGO® Star Wars Razor Crest construction set based on the starship from the beloved series The Mandalorian. The new LEGO Star Wars TheMandalorian Razor Crest set measures an impressive 72cm long, making it the biggest-ever LEGO model of the starship, and is ready to take you on bounty-hunting adventures across the galaxy!

Made up of 6,187 pieces and rich in details, the LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest set includes removable engines and a cockpit, an escape pod, and a minifigure-size carbon-freezing chamber, as well as minifigures featuring the characters of Grogu™, the Mandalorian™, Mythrol™, and Kuiil™ on a buildable Blurrg™ model.​ Once built, you can proudly display your LEGO Star Wars creation with an innovative stand and information plaque.

The Mandalorian series is a global phenomenon.  The adventures take place five years after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™ and follows Din Djarin™, a lone Mandalorian making his way through the lawless galaxy with his foundling, Grogu.                 

The Razor Crest is Din Djarin’s personal transport and its iconic silhouette is immediately recognisable. Now in LEGO form, it joins other vehicles in the LEGO Star Wars UCS line-up, including the Luke Skywalker™Landspeeder set and the Republic Gunship™ set. 

Cesar Soares, LEGO Designer, commented, “It was amazing to design The Mandalorian’s  Razor Crest in brick form! I wanted it to be ultra-detailed so that every Star Wars and LEGO fan can enjoy discovering all the exciting features – from the carbon-freezing chamber to the escape pod. I know that fans of the Star Wars galaxy, builders and more will love recreating their favourite adventures from this extraordinary series”. 

The LEGO Star Wars™ Razor Crest Ultimate CollectorSeries set is available for LEGO VIP members from 3rd October and to all from 7th October at and LEGO Stores at the recommended retail price of £519,99/ €599,99/ $599.99

In a presentation at the 2022 Recognised fan media days, Cesar discussed how while they were starting work on the set, they had been told by the Disney team that ‘Something might happen to it’ however, they were as shocked as the rest of us when the ship was destroyed in series two.

That is however, a close relationship between Disney/Star Wars and the LEGO Star Wars team, and other details within the reference material may be directly shared with the LEGO Team, at the request of the Show runners and directors.

The set includes some new grey recolours.

We hope to have some more images shortly… stay tune, and until next time,

Play Well.

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