LEGO CON REVEALS: AVATAR Sets Officially Revealed

Today at LEGO CON, the LEGO Group’s Live Streamed Product Showcase, Avatar Producer Jon Landau, and Lightstorm Entertainment’s Josh Izzo gave us our first clear views of sets tying in with the movies Avatar, and Avatar: Way of the Water (due for release in December 2022).

At this stage, we only have one hi-res image of 75574 LEGO® Avatar Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls. The set has 1212 pieces, including lots of lavender whips and transparent purple elements. As always, a demonstration of brick-built landscaping techniques is welcome.

The set was outlined on the live stream by senior designer Woon Tze Chee, who highlighted some of the set’s features.

The sets will launch October 1, and 75574 has a RRP of 149.99 USD/149.99 EUR/129.99 GBP/229.99 AUD/179.99 CAD.

Join Jake Sully, Neytiri, Mo’at and Tsu’Tey at the Tree of Souls! This LEGO® Avatar set reflects the scene where Jake joins with the majestic Toruk and becomes the 6th Toruk Makto. Dive into the intense effort to defend the important landmark of the Na’vi people, flying on the Toruk or riding the fierce Direhorse. Let the roots of the tree wrap around you and join the rest of the Na’vi as they commune together! 

Here’s a closer look at the minifigures included in this set, as well as the Toruk and Direhorse moulds.

The Figures feature longer legs compared with your standard minifigures. These were originally seen with Woody and Jessie in the Toy Story sets from 2010. I am intrigued by the new head moulds, which seem to add a longer neck . The minifigure arms are also longer the normal minfigure arms The Na’vi’s faces have full details , including printed noses…a feature initially seen in the Native American minifigures from the mid 1990’s.

I had to look twice before I realised the direhorse has 6 legs. I wonder if this means we can expect to see this creature in some more sets going forward? The teaster for Avatar: Way of the Water dropped recently, and I can see some great potential for both organic and industrial styles of sets to come out from the theme.

I presume, at this stage, there might more to see in the new year as well. What do you think? What not leave your thoughts below.

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