LEGO CON REVEALS: 10305 LEGO® Lion Knights’ Castle

It seems like a lifetime ago that the LEGO Ideas fan vote took place, to select the theme for a 90th Anniversary, AFOL level build. It was a close call between the castle and Space themes, but this seems to be the grander of the two sets. With 4514 pieces and 20 minifigures, this set goes on sale to VIPs on August 3, with general release August 8. The set is aimed at an adult audience and will cost $399.99 / £344.99 / €399.99 /549.99 599.99 AUD/449.99 CAD.

If you are a fan of LEGO Castle, this has almost everything, and everyone: villagers, Black Falcons, Lion Knights, Forestmen a wizard and a queen. But no King! I wonder if there will be a realistic way to obtain one in the months to come?

To be honest, this looks like the ultimate LEGO Castle: a cast of thousands and a huge castle, with loads of play features. I get the feeling that designers Milan Madge, Ashwin and Mike Psiaki have had a great time travelling back in time, reliving those childhood adventures as they explored the directions it would take!

Speaking at LEGO CON, Mike revealed that they drew inspiration from lots of Castle sets from across the years – especially the Black Knight’s Castle, but also the Forestmen’s Hidden Outpost. The 375 Yellow Castle is even referenced in the build

Here is a closer look at the minifigures included:

We start with some Castle Staples: A skeleton, wizard and forestmen.. There are a total of 10 Lion knights, as well as a queen and page boy. Finally 3 villagers, and some Black Falcons. Have they come for a visit? Or to make trouble?

It’s the build adult LEGO® fans have been waiting for. A classic – reimagined. Celebrating 90 years of LEGO history, the Lion Knights’ Castle is a new interpretation of the iconic LEGO Castle theme. The impressive set is packed with details, and with 4,514 pieces it offers a project to savor. So rekindle your childhood joy as you uncover the many stories and surprises packed into this model. 

This is the ultimate LEGO Caste set.

That is all.

I stare at this and am more excited than when I first saw the Creator 3in1 castle last year. The figures, and level of detail in the build are both beautifully balanced.

I’d love to know what you think of it. I wish there was the opportunity to preorder the set, as I suspect it will be a pretty hot item. I do find myself wondering how long these 90th Birthday celebration sets will be available. I hope they, as did the company, have an extended life, as their appeal will be near universal for people of a certain age. Why not leave your comments below, and until next time…

Play Well!

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