LEGO® CON REVEAL: LEGO Star Wars – 75323 The Justifier and 75337 AT-TE Walker

We have just seen two new LEGO Star Wars sets unveiled at LEGO® CON, the LEGO Group’s live streamed product showcase. Both Hark from the era of the Clone Wars – The Cad Bane’s ship, The Justifier from the Bad Batch, and the AT-TE (All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer) as seen with the 212th Clone Troopers at the Battle of Utapu, during Revenge of the Sith.

Read on for details, and closer images of the minifigures

LEGO® Star Wars™ The Justifier™ (75323) 

  • Age: 9+; 1022 pieces; August 1, 2022 launch; 169.99 EUR/ 169.99 USD/249.99 AUD/149.99 GBP/199.99 CAD
  • Bounty hunter Cad Bane has imprisoned Omega on board The Justifier. This awesome starship has a super-detailed cockpit, spring-loaded shooters and cool flight and landing modes. Help Omega break out from the laser jail cell, with help from droid Todo 360, and team up with Hunter to get away. But there’s a big bounty reward on her head, so Bane and Fennec Shand won’t give up easily! 

LEGO® Star Wars™ AT-TE™ Walker (75337) 

Age: 9+; 1082 pieces; August 1, 2022; 139.99 EUR/139.99 USD/229.99 AUD/119.99 GBP/179.99 CAD

Power into battle against the Separatist Droid Army, with the mighty AT-TE Walker! With Commander Cody in the cockpit, stride across rocky terrain and fire the rotating heavy blaster cannon. Grab weapons and thermal detonators from the cabin and deploy the 212th Clone Troopers to fight the Battle Droids on the ground. Who will triumph in the Battle of Utapau? It’s up to you! 

It was revealed at LEGO CON that these troops feature a new Phase Two helmet – which will hopefully bring joy to many.

I was a little late coming to the Clone Wars – with the majority of sets for that era being long retired by the time my son introduced me to the stories. I’ll have to admit, the AT-TE has a certain appeal, particularly with the included soldiers, although AUD229.99 seems a little much to pay for a 212th Battle Pack. I suspect the build will probably make up for it. Here’s hoping.

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