New LEGO X IKEA Collaboration Announced. This Time, AFOLs Are The Focus [April Fools]

**apologies to everyone who thought this was real. As much as I’d like it, it was part of a hoax perpetrated for April Fools’ day, 2022.

Thanks for reading!

When the collaboration between the LEGO Group and IKEA was first announced several years ago, LEGO Fans around the world were initially excited. However, when it became apparent that the Bygglek boxes were limited in use for kids to clean their bricks off the living room table in time for dinner, AFOLs were left somewhat despondent.

Today, the next chapter in this great Scandinavian Corporate Lifestyle Collaboration is written. Not only have we received news of a new product, we have also been treated to a glimpse at the release roadmap going forward over the next few years. A new desk optimised for building LEGO sets promises to revolutionise the AFOL LEGO Building experience, providing solutions for all but the most common problems that AFOLs experience in their daily builds.

Ongoing Collaboration between the LEGO Group and IKEA BV Prepares to release new AFOL Focused Products, outlines future roadmap.

After the unprecedented success of the BYGGLEK project, which saw IKEA release boxes designed to allow children to ‘Push Pause on Play,’ while quickly packing up their LEGO bricks from the family meal table, IKEA BV and the LEGO Group are delighted to announce a new series of products focused on the Adult builder.

Announced at a special midnight event at the first ‘post COVID’ International Lifestyle EXPO in Stockholm, Sweden today, spokesman for the new collaborative effort, Eitsa Jøksenn described the features of the new product before going on to outline the product roadmap for the future.

Next month, we will see the arrival of BILDÅSETT, a new work desk solution designed especially for advanced LEGO Builders. With a number of features that will enhance the experience for seasoned AFOLs and newly returned adult builders emerging from a prolonged dark age alike, the adjustable height work desk can be used in both seated or standing positions for optimum builder comfort.

“We are seeing an increasing number of urban professionals return to the LEGO Hobby in their late 20s and early 30s. Such consumers have identified the need for a dedicated building environment.” Jøksenn explained.

Compared with existing custom hobby-centric solutions, BILDÅSETT has been optimised for building contemporary LEGO Sets:

With enough surface area to allow you to knoll out up to 2500 elements at a time, the desk includes a new semi-matte ‘Offset Red’ coloured surface to optimise the contrast between the work surface and elements. “We all hate it when you are unable see the elements you are looking for, because their colour blends right in with the surface they have been placed on. We experimented with many different colour options before finally settling on Offset Red – This new surface has been optimised to allow ready discrimination between all colours featured in the current LEGO colour palette, allowing people with even the most advanced colour blindness to be reassured that their model will turn out looking as intended, rather than as a multicoloured rainbow, traditionally associated with the builds of 7 year olds,” an increasingly excited Jøksenn explained.

The new surface also incorporates a new impact-absorbing laminate surface, which will minimise the propensity of small elements to bounce before being lost off the table, and falling down onto the floor.  

This laminate, coupled with the new ‘thin lip’ surrounding the surface – preventing round elements from rolling off the desktop –  means that, in the future, accidental losses of elements from the table will be almost unknown. And as we all know, every element that lands on the floor is a potential night time scream, disturbing every member of the household.”

We have been developing these work surfaces over the last several years and we believe that we have finally hit on the right combination of features, coupled with flat pack simplicity, allowing the opportunity for every family to test the quality of their communication and teamwork skills while putting the new furniture together.

We are so excited that during the period that we have been demonstrating the prototypes in the LEGO Group’s advertising images, not a single person has suggested that the furniture present in the hero shots was in fact flat packed. We believe we have hit the ideal balance of sophistication and simplicity with these work benches.

Depending on how these work surfaces are received, we are preparing our roadmap for the future, which will include a new shelving system to show off your LEGO Creations. 

“We have been trialling the upcoming DISPLÅDASETT shelving cabinets over the last 12 months or so, and the feedback has been positive.  Able to display up to 3 Creator Expert sets at a time, we have almost completed the development on this line, and think that new AFOLs will be delighted by their potential. Older AFOLs, with a larger collection of sets might have to search for an alternative solution.

Currently in the early stages of development is the element storage unit SORTDÅBITTS – due in 2024, this expandable storage will provide lots of small drawers for awkward, fiddly bits, as well as bulk storage for larger elements, and those which you have in larger quantities.

BILDÅSETT will be available in European IKEA Stores this June, rolling out to the rest of the world in the final quarter of 2022, just in time for Christmas.

DISPLÅDASETT will be available in Q2 2023. You will have to find another display solution in the meantime.

Having inadvertently covered almost every flat surface in our house with LEGO elements and partially built sets, the idea of a dedicated LEGO building surface is extremely appealing to my wife and children, who mistakenly believe that it will mean that the rest of the tables will get cleared off. Still, I find elements rolling or bouncing off the table to be a real irritation, especially as I find it harder to bend down to floor level, if I have intentions to return to the upright position shortly afterwards.

Are you excited for BILDÅSETT and DISPLÅDASETT? I had started to wonder if something was being teased during the year, as these tables repeatedly cropped up. Personally, I hope the SORTDÅBITTS lives up to the promise that BYGGLEK failed to deliver on. In the meantime, my collection of unsorted elements continues to grow. And why does Australia have to wait for the product to be available, again?

Always check the date when reading unrealistic news. This article was produced for April Fools Day 2022, which is a shame. Because I really want this desk!

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“If only he could take the LEGO off the Kitchen Table” – Ann, Knoller in Cheif for Rambling Brick Industries.

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5 thoughts on “New LEGO X IKEA Collaboration Announced. This Time, AFOLs Are The Focus [April Fools]

  1. I love the idea of the adjustable table, have been considering having something custom made with a lip around the edge, perhaps on wheels and with adjustable height. This has two of the three things I’m looking for, except the colour – Off Red?? hard to really tell from the photo’s just how red off red is, but it still looks a bit much! Hopefully they bring out other colours for the future, like just plain wood perhaps or for the textured top a light to medium beige that would allow for all the colours to stand out of the bricks and not give you a headache from looking at it!

    • Probably should have read the “official release” text fully lol, you got me good last year too, I really need to start taking more note of the date 😛 Still it would be a solid idea for any adult market, not just Lego building, to have an adjustable table with a top like that!

  2. You had really had me until “every element that lands on the floor is a potential night time scream”. Those photos are just peak Ikea. Well done!

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