New LEGO® House Exclusive set revealed: Dagny Holm – Master Builder (40503)

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Master Builder Dagny Holm

LEGO® House reveals new LEGO House Exclusive product: Dagny Holm – Master Builder (40503)  

The newest LEGO® House Exclusive product – the 3rd item in the LEGO House Limited Edition series, is available at the LEGO House Retail Store in Billund, Denmark starting today March 1, 2022. 

LEGO House proudly introduces “Dagny Holm – Master Builder” (40503) as a tribute to the very first Master Builder in the LEGO Group. We are excited to present another iconic part of the LEGO history.  

Dagny Holm was the first LEGO Master Builder, and she made a massive impact on model designing with her way of working with LEGO bricks in a cubistic and realistic way and her legacy can still be found in many areas within the LEGO Group.   

Dagny Holm was the niece of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of the LEGO Group. She started her career in LEGO Design on her 19th birthday in 1936 – but only as an intern for a three-month period. For the next 25 years she lived in Copenhagen where she was educated in Classical Sculpture Design. In 1961 she returned to Billund as a LEGO model builder. She was incredibly talented at getting the shapes right, resulting in authentic animals and fictional characters. She became responsible for all LEGO model designs of the LEGOLAND Park in Billund, which opened in 1968.   

During her career she was also asked to design a LEGO train for the Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen, later to be installed in LEGOLAND Billund as an iconic part of the park. 

Dagny Holm retired as the LEGO Group’s Chief Designer in 1986 at the age of 70 and died March 1, 2004 – exactly 18 years ago on the specific day of the launch of the LEGO House Limited Edition product. 

In LEGO House guests can experience Dagny Holms’ footprints a few places in History Collection, where some of her work from the 1930’s is on display. Furthermore, Creative Lab in Red Zone is designed with her design approach in mind. It is an everchanging room, where guests can immerse themselves into working creatively like a Master Builder. 

‘Dagny Holm – Master Builder’ is a tribute to the very first Master Builder in the LEGO Group.  The 1068-piece model measures 10” wide, 7.4” deep and 5.7” tall (25 cm wide, 19 cm deep and 14.5 cm tall.)  and features six exclusive printed tiles representing her career. The base comprises two printed tiles with the words ‘LEGO® House’ and ‘Dagny Holm – Master Builder’. The Set is Suitable for ages 10 and up.  It will cost 599 DKK and is exclusively available therough the LEGO House retail store. 

The LEGO House Limited Edition series was created to add significantly value to the experience of visiting LEGO House as a guest. These items can only be purchased in LEGO House, Home of the Brick. The first five Limited Edition products were the LEGO House Architecture set, the LEGO House Tree of Creativity, the LEGO House Dinosaurs, LEGO House The Wooden Duck and LEGO House The Brick Moulding Machine. 

Markus Rollbühler and Stuart Harris are the Designer and Master Builder behind the new Limited Edition LEGO House product. All images supplied by The LEGO House.

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