In Local News: Melbourne To Get a New LEGO® Certified Store

Thanks to an Sue Ann Barber for the heads up: there is a job ad online for a Store Manager, at a NEW LEGO® Certified store, in ‘the CBD or Inner Suburbs’

“A new LEGO® Certified Store in the inner suburbs of Melbourne is in the advanced stages of planning and expressions of interest are being sought for the position of Store Manager. The Store will feature life-sized LEGO® models, a Pick-a-Brick wall, hard to find product releases and amazing bricks in hands engagement opportunities.  Designed in partnership with LEGO® Australia to a new format, this store will be an integral part of our LEGO® Certified Store network.

The store manager is responsible for leading and driving an engaging, customer driven culture within their team. You will be self-motivated and driven by success in a retail environment. You will understand and be inspired by the importance of engagement and role play has in a child’s development. “

The Job listing can be found here. It is suitably vague, as far as consideration of the timeframe for opening, as well as the exact location, but we, based on previous experience, we might expect the store to be opened within a few months.

The Advertisement specifically mentions that the shop ” Designed in partnership with LEGO® Australia to a new format” which makes me think that it will be more in keeping with the livery of the recently opened Karrinyup store in Perth, Western Australia.

The shop is also going to ‘be an integral part of our LEGO® Certified Store network.’ Whether this will be the CBD or Southland shopping centre store that were previously hinted at, or potentially in a new prestige location such as Chapel Street in Toorak or Prahran, which has seen commercial real estate vacancy increase significantly during the pandemic. The “Integral part” leaves me speculating as to whether this might be a prestigious Flagship Store, which would make CBD or Toorak locations more likely. A CBD location might also be part of a revitalisation activity supported by the City of Melbourne, attempting to bring people back to the city, after repeated lockdowns. Melbourne Central shopping centre is also home to a number of luxury brands (but not, as such, an Apple store) which are hallmarks of the other store locations around Australia. (This would be my Top Bet)

Of course, it might just mean that the right space has finally become available – I am sure we will find out, soon enough. Typically, advertisments go out for retail staff a month or so prior to opening, and the shop fitting becomes obvious a few weeks before hand. I suspect it will be formally announced soon enough.

As for the timeframe: this is often the last thing we hear, as last minute hiccups, especially with supply chains, might mean that opening is delayed, but I would anticipate that it is likely to be mid April, around Easter. Again, this is speculation.

If you are looking for more definite news to be gained from the job ads the LEGO Certified Store at Highpoint has advertised for casual retail staff. The Chadstone LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is also looking for a new Master Model Builder, which will be selected at a Brick Factor Competition in February 2022. Hopefully we will have more details about this before too long.

In the meantime, we shall sit and wait…

I know there are more stores on the roadmap, but the there are so many factors that are involved in determining a good location for such a store. Where do you hope we shall see a New Certified Store? Why not leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well.

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