Builders’ Journeys: Lisa Hits The Road With 6590 Car And Caravan.

Welcome Back to Builders’ Journeys, where we listen to stories from other AFOLs about a set that inspired them at some time in their life.

Before we start, today, I would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry in our prize draw for the Jumper Plate Minifigures. I really appreciate the stories that people shared, and we will have some great stories to share over the next few months. The winner was drawn randomly from a bowlful of entry numbers, and I would like to congratulate Lisa D from Ireland on winning the prize draw. The minifigures are on their way, and hopefully, the reduced international travel between Australia and the rest of the world does not slow down the delivery too much.

Today Lisa is going to take us back to 1988 when she first opened up 6590 Car and Caravan.

Oh the journeys they had! This set was (and still is) so special to me. I can even remember the day that I got it. Being in Mylers Garage where my dad was getting new tyres for his car. I remember sitting on some steps and opening the box. I can even remember the plastic bags inside (the ones that had the little holes), and I can especially remember my dad telling me not to as I might lose some pieces!

Well, no pieces were lost and 30 odd years later I still have them all. For me, this set had so much playability. In my games, this was the minifig couple’s only mode of transport and the lady always had to sit in the caravan whenever they went anywhere. (I suppose because my mam didn’t drive I always assumed the man would!). I have memories of them going to the supermarket in their caravan, and of course, they went on lots of holidays and picnics! Nowadays the car and caravan look positively minuscule in comparison to their modern-day LEGO equivalents (like the 6 wide 60117), but for tiny fingers, it was just the perfect size. And in a true testament to the high quality of LEGO, 6590 still enjoys a place in my LEGO collection. The couple still go on holiday – though they’ve much more of a world to explore now!

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us Lisa, and congratulations on winning the prize draw.

This is one of those sets that demonstrates the intrinsic characteristics of LEGO Town set design in the 1980s: primary colours, finger hinges, lots of 90º angles, and that radiator design are all giveaways of the era.

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