Jumper Plate Minifigures: Classic Town Collection [Hands On Review]

When Jay from Jumper Plate software reached out to offer me a set of his Nostalgic Monochromatic Minifigures to give away, I bought another set for my own use. Proceeds from the sale of these figures go to help Jumper Plate to further develop their software which is designed to support the administrative needs for people running LEGO User Groups.

But, there is a market for monochromatic minifigures, and when these figures come with a nicely printed nostalgic torso, harking back to the 90s, I suspect that market might be expanded. I don’t run a LUG, but I know plenty of people who do, and I am happy to help support anything that might make their job a little easier. So, I put my order in (this was pre release) and after a few local postal delays – international air travel is still a bit slow for packages – they arrived yesterday. So did my set to give away. you can read more about that here.

The five figures represent the major sub-themes within LEGO Town: Police, Fire, Construction, Airport and Food and Drink. They are available individually or as a complete set. The minifigures are presented in a shrink wrapped matchbox, with a picture of the included figure and brick on the front; repeated on the right hand margin. On the back is a short description of the theme, including some nifty trivia about the theme, as well as a short introduction to the work of Jumper Plate.

On opening the box, I found the figures and printed brick resting on a foam cushion, nestled inside a comfy cutout. Each figure has a white print on the front, typical of the theme:

The figures feature genuine LEGO Elements – the torsos are the current ‘internally braced’ version, the heads feature the hollow stud. Printing is in white, except for the white figure, which features the details of the chef.

Each figure also comes with a 2×4 brick, with the Jumper plate logo printed on the side. This makes a nice stand for the figure, or something for the figures to engage with.

I really like this figures: they feed right into the love that monochromatic figures have around the world. They are not especially cheap: $30 each, but these are being sold as collectors items, allowing Jumper Plate to continue to develop their LUG support platform. The complete set of 5 figures is sold at a discount bundle price of $125. Unfortunately, at this stage, sales are only supported to Australia and New Zealand. You can order the figures through Jumper Plate here.

If you find these figures appealing, you can also enter the Rambling Brick Giveaway – closing this week, I am collecting stories for our Throwback Thursday/ Builders’ Journeys column. You can read further details here, and see our previous contributions here.

In short: I believe that for every LEGO Fan, there is that one set that is special: it could be a childhood favorite with special memories, a set that got you back into building as an adult, or something else. I am asking you to nominate what that set is for you, and explain why. If you are happy, your entry will be posted in our Builders’ Journey column in an up coming column. You can access the entry form here. Entries close at midnight this Sunday, 23rd October, so be quick. The winner will be drawn randomly.

I’d love to know what you think of these figures: Were you a 90’s kid? Do these designs fill you with nostalgia? Why not comment below, and until next time…

Play Well!

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  1. Love these figs! 🙂 Will need to look into purchasing. Any idea on when they might stop being available?

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