LEGO House Shows off Lockdown Projects of The LEGO Group Employees (and not just the designers)

At the LEGO House Fan Day on Thursday 23rd September 2013, a number of new exhibits in the Masterpiece Gallery were unveiled. These exhibits are traditionally sourced from members of the fan community around the world. The pandemic has made it challenging to continue this tradition this year, and as such, the team have had to think outside the box for some exciting new displays.

There has been an internal competition between LEGO® employees, to have their custom creations displayed in the LEGO House for the next year. Among the 17 selected exhibitors, you might expect mainly LEGO designers, but there are also a mechanical engineer, executive assistant, and an operator who handed in their own LEGO creations. It is interesting to see what the designers bring to the table when not limited by the limitation imposed by designing for commercial sets. I was particularly heartened to see some of the models from Astrid Sundorf Christensen, who contributed to the LEGO Floral Bouquet, released earlier this year.

Elbphilharmonie by Senior Product Designer Florian Müller
Executive Assistant Matthew Foster has also found inspiration in architecture and has, during the Corona lockdown, built a version of the famous Danish building “The Wave,” located in Vejle. He explains that the idea started “at the beginning of lockdown, where I was feeling like I needed something to occupy myself. I knew I wanted to build something to challenge myself, but I was having a tough time picking a project. On a walk past the water in Vejle I started thinking about how strange and unique the architecture of The Wave is and I wondered how to make it out of LEGO bricks.”
Executive Assistant Mattew Foster Exhibing in the LEGO® House Masterpiece Gallery
Closeup of a scene from the ‘Olsen Gang’ movied by Senior Designer Adam Grabowski
Jme Wheeler’s tribute to his fascination with dinosaurs.
The Robot RIA, made by Senior Designer Lee Magpili
Dragon head by Model Designer Wesley AlanTalbot.
Inspired by Space rovers, designer Chris Perron added some vibrant colours, for this Mostly Armless model…
Former Play Agent and now Building Experience Specialist Emil Saaby built this ccomplicated Abstract model.
Real life items in Large Scale from senior designer Carl Merriam and his Colleague, Nick Vas
3D painting by designer Markus Rollbühler for the new exhibition
Astrid Sundorf Christensen normally works as an operator at the LEGO Group. she collaborated on the Floral Bouquet earlier this year, and has contributed some botanical models to the new Masterpiece Gallery Exhibit.
A relatively new arrival on the design team, Lee Chi Wing has brought 3 new MOCs to the Gallery.
All the new Exhibitors for the new exhibiton at the LEGO House.

I am blown away looking at these exhibits, but I fear that I shall not be able to get to the LEGO House before they are replaced next year. Here’s hoping.

Congratulations to all of the new exhibitors. However, looking at the line up here, I am a little surprised that only one woman’s entry has made the grade to enter the gallery. Whether this is due to the nature of the competition, the perceived appeal of the creations presented or other factors affecting life during the pandemic, I am uncertain. Certainly there is no shortage of talented women working at the LEGO group. What do you think?

Are you heading to the LEGO House in the next 12 months? Are you looking forward to seeing these models, created by LEGO Employees during their downtime? Let us know your plands in the comments below, and until next time,

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