LEGO® Super Mario Series 3 Character Packs Revealed.

The LEGO Group today has revealed the third wave of LEGO Super Mario Character Packs on Twitter. These figures are due for release due for release on 1st August. As with the last few waves, I expect they will be fun, affordable characters, so long as you can find them in store!

The new characters include: Galoomba, Parachute Bob-omb, Crowber, Boo, Amp, Torpedo Ted, Bony Beetle, 1-Up Mushroom, Scuttlebug and Swoop.

I really enjoy the way that LEGO Super Mario provides a fresh way for playing with LEGO, while tying in to the nostalgic video game franchise. I hope to be able to continue reviewing the new expansion sets during the next wave, and am excited to find out what’s coming soon. Hopefully, will will see the full wave revealed at LEGOCon, later in the month.

I presume the majority of characters will be worth a single coin when scanned, in keeping with previous collectable figures, but there are always a couple of characters in each set that exhibit special behaviours:

Read on for closer images, as well as my predictions as to their ‘in game’ behaviour.

Scuttlebugs: I love the imitation web here. the boxing gloves appear to be the arched 1×1 tile, on top of a stud, with the angles handle/stud appearing in yellow for the first time.


Crowber: this is the first time we have seen the ‘biome bases’ in dark azure. Allong with the clouds, I presume this character is based in the sky. Does this mean we might expect other sky based expansions in this wave? Time will tell. I predict 1 coin per scan

Swoop: We have previously seen Swoops in King Boo and the Haunted Yard. I presume this version will behave the same. I predict 1 coin per scan.

Galoomba: We have previously seen nougat bases as part of tower constructions previously, and in the poison swamp, although Mario did not respond to this biome. I predict 1 coin per scan.

Bony Beetle: Previous Beetle and Spiny characters were simple to score points from, compared to the video game equivalent: I predict 1 coin per scan

1-Up Mushroom: I presume this will provide an additional life, and resistance to being stunned after a fall or poisoning – but it remains to be seen.

Para-Bob-omb. The original bob-omb gave us the opportunity to score bonus coins, by rapidly scanning Mario on it as the fuse was alight. So long as you weren’t scanning when the Bomb went off. Will this behave the same way? Hopefully, it will be treated as a seperate character to Bobomb by the app, so you can score two lots of Bobomb coins. I predict lots of coins, depending how rapidly you can Mash Mario on the bar code, before the bob-omb goes off. My personal record on a regular Bob-omb is 27 coins…

Boo: Ghosts typically require Star Power to be defeated, although King Boo does not quite behave this way. Will this be the same with Boo? Boo is on the soda swamp biome base. I predict 2 coins, but requires star power to defeat

Amp is surrounded by balls of electricity. Will they be able to stun Mario? Or will they provide an additional challenge? They appear to be predominantly sand blue in colour, and to have a novel lightning element. I predict 1 coin score/scan to defeat.

Torpedo Ted: while Bullet Bill was found in the desert back in series 1, Torpedo Ted lives underwater. I presume they will behave similarly to the Bullet Bill: I predict 1 coin per scan to defeat them.

Once again, the Characters have barcoes which will probably arrive preapplied to the tiles, as well as all other elements being pre-printed.

I hope to be able to look at the new collectable figures with this wave, as well as some of the new sets as they become available. Of all of these characters, I am most intrigued by the 1-up Mushroom, and I look forward to seeing the way it will affect gameplay. LEGO Super Mario has presented a radically new way to engage with LEGO sets, as well as gaming, and I continue to be amazed by the way that the platform develops. Athought, I am pretty sure lots of AFOLs would love to see a ‘regular’ set of collectable minifigures or building sets to go with the franchise as well.

Have you been waiting for any of these characters to appear in LEGO Super Mario? Why not comment below, and until next time,

Play Well!

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