Latest Episode of Our LEGO® Stories Focusses on the AFOL Experience

The LEGO Group’s podcast ‘Our LEGO® Stories’ continues tonight with a new episode focussing on the stories around the AFOL experience.

Hosts Julie and Loren talk with three guests in this podcast: Australian AFOL, Annie O’Reilly, talks about her experience with using LEGO therapeutically as a teenager, following a brain infection; LEGO Designer Carl Merriam talks about his transition from AFOL to Designer, and what it is like to work with the people who created his favourite childhood sets. Finally, Tormod Askildsen, head of the AFOL Engagement team at the LEGO Group, discusses the impact that LEGO fans have had in decisions the company makes, in the past and learnings going forward.

You can find out more, link to downloads and read the transcript here

In this episode, we focus on LEGO Star Wars: looking at the terrific new R2 D2, discuss the nature of what it means to be a UCS set and reminisce about our personal introductions to LEGO Star Wars. We hope you enjoy it.

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