New Botanical Collection Set: 10289 Bird of Paradise Coming Soon

We can reveal that the latest addition to the LEGO Group’s 18+ Botanical Collection, the 10289 Bird of Paradise will be released in Europe and the rest of the World 1st June, 2021. Unfortunately, the American release is not until 1st August.

Set box

The set has 1173 pieces, and will cost $AUD169.99/ €99.99/€109.99 (France), £89.99/$USD99.99/$CAD139.99

In the absence of a formal press pack, we have no further images to share at this time.

The Rambling Brick received an early copy for review, and it will be posted sometime soon. Earlier Botanicals kits- the Floral Bouquet and Bonsai Tree– set a new bar for new and existing adult fans alike. Both sets have been hard to get since their release in January.

Not sure of the source material? Here’s one currently blooming next to our clothes line in the back yard…

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Play well.

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