We Just Click: Little LEGO® Love Stories [Book Review]

Almost 12 months ago, we received a note that Chronicle Books, a boutique publisher in San Francisco, was preparing to release a few books that might appeal to LEGO® fans. Recently, I received a couple of books in the mail to review.

Today, I would like to present one of their 2021 books: We Just Click: Little LEGO® Love Stories. Written by Aled Lewis, who also wrote LEGO®Small Parts: The Secret Life of Minifigures, this book is one of those small books, that makes an ideal gift. Particulary to a loved one, at a time when all of the LEGO Roses in the world appear to be on Backorder!

This book contains a delightful series of images, celebrating relationships in all their forms – old friends, new friends, loved ones, pets. It consists of 50 images, each depicting a delightful vignette featuring some aspect of a relationship, and a caption to go with it.

The quality of images is excellent, and I was surprised to see a note on the title page declaring that images were rendered using Mecabricks. I was surprised to see that this book was digitally generated, rather than brick built, such is the quality of the presentation. The text is predominantly lightweight in content, generally amusing, and sometimes downright corny and over the top, typically emphasised by the images included.

The couples and friendships shown in this book are diverse, and serves as a reflection of our society. The characters used typically appear optimistic and positive, with only a few moments of frustration expressed. There are a vide variety of different face prints used.although with the exception of robots, ghosts genies and zombies, all of the minifigures depicted are yellow. The discussion remains to be had as to whether or not it is apprpriate to use solely yellow mini figures in a book that is aiming to be as inclusive as possible – but I would like to table that for another day.

Overall, I found the book to be a delightful collection of images, with most of them subconsciously promoting the extended back story behind each image. To have this backstory juxtaposed with such simple text made me smile, and it left me feeling that the world can be a slightly better place than it is.

This book celebrates love finding its way: across the years, in the face of societal pressures, despite those quirky little idiosyncrasies. If you are looking for a way to celebrate your shared love of LEGO Bricks with a special person, and the LEGO Set that you really want to give them is out of stock (40460 Roses, I’m looking at you), I highly recommend taking a look at this book.

We Just Click: Little LEGO Stories by Aled Lewis was released by Chronicle books in 2021, and has a recommended retail price of $AUD32.99, although many online bookshops may well have it available for less. It is currently available through Book Depository, Amazon, and quite possibly your personal favourite book retailer (either online or in real life!).

Are you inclined to look at a LEGO Themed Book as a Valentines Day gift to a LEGO Loving partner? Why not leave you thoughts below and until next time.

Play Well!

The RamblingBrick was provided with a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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