Hogwarts Moments: Fitting in Furniture and Figures

Since the LEGO Group sent over some pre-release copies for me to review, I have spenty a little bit of time looking at LEGO® Harry Potter Hogwarts™ Moments Sets. These four sets each encompass activities in a single Hogwarts classroom, and come with an interesting collection of fittings and Furniture for the different classrooms. They also come with one teacher, as well as a couple of students. And if that’s not enough, they all get bundled up into book form! Last time, we reviewed the built in scenery, some of which could be great for your own Hogwarts MOC. Today, I would like to look at the individual items of furniture, as well as any interesting accessories, as well as the minifigures.

76382 Hogwarts Moment Transfiguration Class

Open up the transfiguration class, and youfind a desk, a shelf containing a variety of artefacts, and a chest. Tucked away in the chest are a cup, yellow frog and silver goblet. The blackboard detail, as well as bookshelf have their detail provided through stickers, as does the carving on McGonagall’s podium. The chairs sile under the desk nicely, but are very close together. Unfortunately, as Ron and Hermione are represented as first years, their short legs are not too flexible.

In this set, we have, as will become an established pattern, two students, and a teacher. Ron and Hermione are both in school uniform, with black short legs, and Gryffindor jumpers – featuring a crest on the left breast pocket. The torsos are printed front and back. The students faces are double sided, both happy and somewhat anxious. Professor McGonagall is wearing green robes, and has a relatively new skirt element as her bottom half. She has a new had mould, dual molded with hair, allowing her to have a double sided face print, including both a happy and a somewhat stern expression. Also included is Scabbers, Ron’s rat. The moment also comes with a transfiguration text book.

76383 Hogwarts Moment Potions Class

The Potions Classroom comes with three pieces of furniture: a shelf for the flasks and ingredients; an armchair for Professor Snape and and a folding blackboard. The top of the set forms a workbench for the students to brew their potions on. The 1×1 curved slope works quite well to form the shape of the armchair. There is an additional potion for the migures to carry, consisting of an transparent orange flask, along with a gem as a stopper.

There are three figures in this set: Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy and Seamus Finnegan. As is the trend in these sets, we have one student from the house of the teacher (Slytherin in this case), and an additional student from Gryffindor This design of jumper is new in the 2021 sets, and is yet to appear as a Hufflepuff uniform. The figures all have double sided prints: Draco is characteristically sneery, while Snape varies between grumpy and angry. Seamus Finnegan is happy enough on one side, while he has a slightly shocked and exploded (!) face on the other side.

76384 Hogwarts Moment: Herbology Class

There is a lot happening in the herbology class, with built int cupboards and fold down tables, and we see minimal additional aspects: just a small part of a wall with a tap, as well as a small garden patch – which is inverted to form the top of the room. We have a number of different coloured leafs, as well as potted plants and full sized pumpkins.

We most recently saw professor Sprout in the second series of collectable Harry Potter Minifigures, wearing robes. Here, we see her in a much more practical pair of pants (since when have wizards been renowned for being practical, however?) We also have Cedric Diggory, a student from Hufflepuff. Because he is in Herbology class, he is wearing his gardening clothes, and not school uniform. Slightly older than Harry’s cohort, he has the midlength legs int tan. Neville Longbottom is also here as a junior student, and wears identical clothing to Wood. They both wear dark tan headphones around their necks, an adaptation of those seen in the Monkie Kid sets.

76385 Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class

There is a lot tucked away in Charms class: a chest, two long desks, with seating for a few students; and a bookshelf, capped by a cup of tea and a chest. Inside the chest is a spare teacup, as well as a couple of feathers and a biscuit. There is also a display case, containing a cup and key. the benches suffer from a similar problem as those in transfiguration class, in that they do not readily suit short legged figures.

We have 3 figures in this set: Professor Flitwick, and fellow Ravenclaw, Cho Chang. Filius flitwick changed appearance during the course of the Harry potter films, and this form is consistant with how he appeared in the first two. This is the first version of a short legged Cho Chang, having appeared previously as a S1 Collectable figure, with a skirt; and a more senior, long legged figure in the 40419 Hogwarts Students pack in 2020. More recently, she has appeared dressed for the Yule Ball in the 2020 Advent Calendar. Harry and Cho both have reversible faces, while prof Flitwick features an impressive printed beard under his >ahem< rubber beard.

Between all of these figures, we have 6 from Gryffindor, and one student each from Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The Hufflepuff isnt even in his standard school print jumper. I dont know that it was necessary to change the jumper print after three years of contemporary Harry Potter Figures, but novelty is important to drive sales to an extent, and I think this new print certainly adds some variety to the figures we have seen recently. There is no doubt that we have a Gryffindor bias in these sets, but that is consistant with the source material, where we get to know the members of Gryffindor far more than the other houses.

The face that almost every figure in these sets contains 2 face prints is terrific. I appeaciate that Oliver W

Overall, I appreciate all of these sets: but to spend $200AUD on all 4 , you would probably be a diehard Potter fan/collector. But If I just had to get one, which would I get?

The transfiguration class is appealing, if only for the architecturalarches, and McGonagall’s magnificent robes. But I have a few Ron and Hermione figures from across the years. The Potions room is nicely detailed, and nothing says ‘Comic Mischief’ like a minifigure’s face covered in scorch marks. The Green house in the Herbology class is wonderful, as are the little bits of ‘furniture’. However, we have seen Professor Sprout, and Herbology Neville in the 2018 series of minifigures. This is the first time we have seen the inaugural professor Flitwick, and having an additional student from Non-Gryffindor/Non Slytherin houses is great, even it it now means we have 3 versions of Cho Chang, across different age ranges.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I appreciate the stickers here, as having potential to be used in your own MOCs within a Hogwarts setting. They help to keep the part count down, and the sets relatively affordable. The furniture elements are inspirations – my favorites include the arm chair, as well as the garden tap. The transfigurations shelf is also full of ideas. As for class room furniture, I prefer the desk from the charms class, the seats from charms and the work bench from potions: they all have something to offer. Will I offer a favourite? To be honest, I dont think I can. They all have their strengths. Go with your preferred professor first, and add on as you see fit. The book format is fun, and provides a fixed volume for the LEGO Elements, but ultimately, the sets would work if assembled in front of a castle wall.

The Hogwarts™Moments go on sale January 1 from LEGO.com, the will cost $29.99 USD; $39.99 AUD each.

You can find them after this date at LEGO.com by clicking on these affiliate links:

What do you thinkof the Hogwarts Moments? Which is your favourite Class? Who are you favorite figures? Leave your comments below, and until next time, Play well!

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