LEGO® Art by Australian Artists and Designers Showcased at Brisbane’s Powerhouse until August 27

I have written a couple of articles regarding the new LEGO Art theme recently. Today, the LEGO Group announced a collaboration with several of Australia’s Street Artists, including Sofles (Russell Fenn), who created a contemporary take on Andy Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Monroe Sofles has incorporated LEGO mosaic techniques into his four-meter tall spraypainted mural. The works go on display at the Powerhouse Museum in Brisbane today, until August 27. See the mural get put together after the break.

Alongside this work, set up in a laneway outside the museum, there will be some works by other Australian designers and artists, on display as part of a free exhibition.

Kitiya Palascas x LEGO Art

14 AUGUST 2020 – Brisbane: The LEGO® Group has today announced an exciting collaboration with one of Australia’s most recognised street artists, Sofles (Russell Fenn), to mark the launch of a new creative range, LEGO® Art.

Acclaimed muralist Sofles was invited by LEGO® Australia to bring his passion for pop-art to life through a large-scale artwork that is the centrepiece of a free art exhibition at the Brisbane Powerhouse from 14-27 August. 

Sofles’ four metre tall masterpiece, installed outside the Brisbane Powerhouse’s laneway-style entrance, is a modern spin on Andy Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Monroe print and incorporates LEGO® tiles and Sofles’ familiar medium of spray paint. The striking artwork celebrates shared values of creativity and self expression through the bold pixelated patterns of both the new LEGO® Art product and Sofles’ own signature work.

Sofles, artist and collaborator, says: “As a creative person, I’ve always been a fan of building with LEGO® bricks and was excited when I heard about the new Art range. LEGO® Art encapsulates the creative, experimental and playful character that inspires me on the daily, so it’s great to collaborate to inspire other adults to unleash their own creativity and showcase their passion through art.

“I was really excited to reimagine Warhol’s Marilyn print as a 2020 street art piece, embracing the pixelated style of the LEGO® Art range and marrying it with my iconic bold colours and style. I’m passionate about pop art and I often reference or take inspiration from it in my work.

“The process of creating with LEGO® Art was really fun and it’s a new creative medium that everyone should try, whether following the how-to guides in the existing range or using the tiles to create something unique, like I did.”

Inside the Brisbane Powerhouse, the city’s creative hub, visitors will be able to view an exhibition of smaller works made completely out of LEGO® tiles by some of Australia’s best creatives, showcasing their passions and celebrating pop culture and creativity. Contributing artists include street artists Mulga (Joel Moore) and Rone (Tyrone Wright), creative crocheter ChiliPhilly (Phil Ferguson), craft-based designer Kitiya Palaskas and multidisciplinary designer Rachel Burke.

Angie Tutt, Senior Director, Head of Marketing at LEGO Australia & New Zealand, says about the collaboration with Sofles and the exhibition: “We’re extremely excited to introduce LEGO® Art as a new outlet for adults to express their passions in a creative and artistic way.

“As someone who embodies creativity and is renowned for how effectively he interprets pop art through his work, we’ve loved watching Sofles incorporate LEGO® into his creative process. The resulting masterpiece is filled with heart and it’s obvious his artwork has been inspired by true passion, as with the other pieces in the collection on display at the Brisbane Powerhouse. We hope this exhibition inspires others to explore their own creativity and passions through LEGO® Art.”

LEGO Art sets were released August 1, and this showcase is just one example of what can be done with the medium. Followers of Senior LEGO Designer Nick Vas (@PrinceGalidor) on Twitter might have already seen his take on Bionicle masks using the Marilyn Monroe mosaic kit. Or is it just some clever Photoshop?

However you look at things, it serves as a reminder that just because a set comes with instructions, ultimately its a set of LEGO elements, and you can do whatever you wish with them!

This showcase will be on display at the Powerhouse Museum in Brisbane until the 27th of August. Many of us in other parts of the country won’t be able to get there, so please share your experiences in the comments below, or on the Rambling Brick Facebook Page.

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