LEGO Super Mario Blind Bags Revealed [71361 Reveal and Review]

The Rambling Brick has had the good fortune to be invited to become familiar with LEGO Super Mario sets, ahead of release. This week, LEGO unveiled the complete range of sets in the LEGO Super Mario range.

One of these, previously undisclosed, is a series of blind Character Bags 71361. This comes with a brick built enemy for LEGO Super Mario. The Good news is that they each come with an ‘action brick’ – a tile with a pre-applied barcode – which Super Mario can scan and gain coins.

I was given a random bag – It contained approximately 25 elements, as well as a set specific set of instructions: It built Bullet Bill. Like many of the builds in Super Mario, it was relatively simple, and use off the instructions was not entirely necessary. Bullet Bill comes with a small cactus as well as a 4x4x 2/3 plate with rounded corners. I will talk more about theses modified plates, and their effects in the game in my review of the Super Mario Starter Course: 71360

Brand new elements in this set include the arms, as well as the 4x4x2/3 plate

The instructions contained pictures of the entire series:

There are some elements that might help you narrow down your choices: shells, domes and foliage, but given the number of other small elements within each bag, it could be an advanced activity! Any characters would certainly be welcome additions to any LEGO Super Mario game track.

These characters will provide a cheap and easy way for kids to add to their LEGO Super Mario experience, by providing for additional opportunities to earn coins in the game. they will cost 4,99 USD/3,99 EUR – $AU5.99/$NZ5.99. They are due to be released in August 2020, and will be available from LEGO stores, as well as any retailer selling LEGO Super Mario. There should be an equal distribution of the characters in the boxes, according to lead digital designer for LEGO Super Mario, Jonathan Bennink.

What do you think of these characters? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Keep your eyes open: over the next few days I will have some reviews of gameplay as well as some of the expansion sets posted on the blog. I hope you enjoy them. Until next time,

Play Well.

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