Childhoods Collide: LEGO Super Mario Teased

This morning, I woke up to discover a completely unexpected teaser from Lego in my newsfeed…

Now, As a kid, my exposure to Nintendo was through the Game and Watch hand held games, and I remember the double screened Donkey Kong game disrupting our entire year 8 class on a regular basis.

But subsequently, Nintendo have grown into one of the great family friendly gaming platforms, and the cast of Super Mario have made their way into the collective consciousness. To this day, Mario Kart remains the game that brings our family around the console. Certainly, the combination of LEGO and Nintendo has the capacity to be great family friendly franchise.

What do you hope we will see as part of this newly teased theme? Will it open up other NINTENDO properties such as Zelda? Megaconstrux still has Pokemon listed, but we have seen other themes move over in the past, including Pirates of the Caribbean and Minions, so I think we still have hope.

What would you like to see appear in this theme? Why not comment below, and until next time,

Play Well!

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